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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Greece is out of tear gas; turns to allies for more

ATHENS — Greece, engulfed by civil unrest, is urgently seeking to procure tear gas from neighboring countries.

"We have contacted a number of allies for non-lethal equipment," an official said.

Greece has exhausted its supply of 4,600 tear gas units in 10 days of rioting, Middle East Newsline reported. Officials termed urgent the Greek request for tear gas and other non-lethal equipment, including stun grenades.

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Israeli officials said the government in Athens has requested that Israeli companies send tear gas grenades to help police battle the massive riots in Athens. They said Greece has already exhausted its tear gas supply.

Officials said Athens has turned to Israel, Germany and other European Union members for non-lethal, anti-riot equipment. They said Israel has a huge arsenal of tear gas for military and police operations in the West Bank.

Greece and Israel have increased their military and security cooperation over the last five years. The two countries have conducted military exercises as well as counter-insurgency training.

In 2007, Israel responded to a call by Athens to help battle huge forest fires. Israel sent 55 firefighters and equipment to help extinguish fires that raged through Greece.

At this point, the Greek Public Order Ministry has turned to unidentified Israeli companies for tear gas, officials said. They said the Greek ministry has not yet relayed a direct request to the Israeli government.

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