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Thursday, September 22, 2011

America's dilemma: What if majority's view is uninformed and endangers the nation?

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the USSR in 1972. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here.

In 1970, I was 42 years of age and living in Russia. I made my living by translating into English those unique works of Russian literature. Stalin had destroyed Russian art by annihilating the freedoms of old Russia as enjoyed in literature by Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, and Chekhov.


I knew English “as to the language born,” because I worshiped it as the language of freedom.

A Moscow publishing house sold my translations in English-speaking countries. At the publishing house, I met a girl who for the same reasons was obsessed with the English language as much as I did and who later became my wife.

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In 1970, an unofficial rumor was going around that those who wished to emigrate should submit their applications to the Soviet emigration authorities.

At first, we didn’t buy it — “yeah, you apply and then they will send you to a concentration camp somewhere in Siberia!” But then a friend of ours braved it and telephoned to tell us that it was all for real and he was already abroad!

Well, we went for it. We submitted our applications, and shortly after that we were free to leave the Soviet paradise.

Why were they doing that? The Soviet regime, so we reasoned, needed to do something spectacular to impress the West — to show how free Russia had become and how liberal its policies became after Stalin’s death (in 1953).

At that time, visiting in Moscow was an American from New York, a real-estate developer, whom our American friends asked to see us to convey their regards. We invited him over to stay with us at our sumptuous, built of stone, three-storied villa near Moscow, which we had bought from Leonid Utyosov, a nationally famous and fabulously rich pop singer.

We entertained our guest and treated him to a Russian dinner, complete with wild quail, caviar, sturgeon aspic, buckwheat blini, and whatever else our Russian cook’s imagination could come up with to welcome our dear guest.

We shared the good news with him — we’ll be leaving shortly for the United States! “Great,” he said. “Why won’t you come to live in New York, and I will save you an apartment in one of my buildings in Riverdale!”

And so we did. We came to New York and moved into a spacious apartment on the 21st floor in Riverdale, and we love it, and we still live there.

I began to write a weekly column about how the free countries survived in the world of Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, which invaded Russia in 1941 and was routed, and Mao’s “People’s Republic of China.” Lately I have been preoccupied with warning the free Western countries against the almost imminent onslaught coming from authoritarian communist China, part of which is their policy of ever-growing “love” and “friendly” ties with U.S. President Obama. Not surprisingly, Obama is an easy prey for Chinese communists — he seems to share their communist ideology, and with his blessing they already have scored many a victory in the United States — early this year the PRC generals inspected American sensitive military bases, something that for decades stayed beyond the reach of any outsider. Also, Obama drags the country deeper and deeper into debt to China.

What’s next? Shall we wait until China comes to the rescue of this country and buys American debt, the same way it is buying debts of the EU countries (Spain and Belgium, for example)? China’s political figures rightly consider this policy to be their great diplomatic and political victory, which they do not even try to conceal.

How could that have happened? How could China, a slave country ruled by ruthless communist dictators, having dismal human rights record, be so successful in bringing the free European countries over to its side? Have you gone mad, Europe?

This is what we read on Telegraph Blogs: “If Europe gives China access to military technology it may well drive a wedge between European and non-European NATO members. This could, and Ashton [EU foreign policy chief] believes it will, lead towards NATO dissolution…” and “… the most powerful person in Europe, Ashton’s boss, Barossa was and still is a Marxist. We forget just how ruthless Marxists are: … individual freedom, accountability, democracy and justice can all be sacrificed, regardless of the cost of human suffering, to meet the goal of ‘ever closer union.’ ”

Obama is no accident but the result of American presidential “general election” system, which runs contrary to the modern “analysis of the brain,” which postulates that people differ in their mental abilities so that no majority of voters are able to solve the problem of choosing the best candidate to be the U.S. president.

The tragic irony is that the political situation of the free countries is much worse off today than it was when we came to the West in the 1970s. The free countries overlooked the coming to the fore of the “People’s Republic of China” until those who own the PRC murdered its citizens for expressing their wish to have more political freedoms.

A remark made by a member of the U.S. Congress that the PRC is at the political level of Nazi Germany was dismissed as being irresponsibly frivolous.  

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at To learn more about and support his work at the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here. For information about making a tax-exempt donation to the non-profit Center, send e-mail to

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