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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Evidence average Americans take seriously the danger of China's global conquest

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the USSR in 1972. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here.

My column of July 22, with its imaginary scenario of what the world would look like on China’s world conquest, drew many interesting responses.


For many years, I kept drawing attention in my columns to the fact that China’s population is increasing to over 1.3 billion. What if from this human reservoir China creates giant armies, equipped with Chinese weapons, which had already stunned the world years ago? Now, if the United States, the strongest democracy on this planet, turns out to be incapable to resist Chinese giant armies, which country will be able to do that?

There had been no response to my desperate appeal, as though the people of the free countries were not concerned about such trifles as the quite feasible global victory of the “People’s Republic of China” until an avalanche of e-mails came in response to my July 14, 2011, column, which showed me that the American people are worried.

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To keep within the space of the column, let me cite just a few of these responses.

In his e-mail of July 16, Riley F. says: “I share many of your concerns. But there are some things to consider. … First of all, Americans are too proud a people to surrender to China for some material benefits. … [What about getting the material benefit of slave life instead of death under torture? — L.N.] Secondly, we have an armed populace, by and large. A Chinese army invading this country would have to contend with the American unorganized militia, a 50M+ force self-armed with hunting rifles….”

Imagine unmanned Chinese airplanes dropping more than half-a-century-old nuclear bombs on American soil. But Americans, “self-armed with hunting rifles,” will shoot out those Chinese drones and scare them away [!]. And something else is worth noticing. If they constitute a voting majority in the “general presidential election,” Mr. F. and others will elect a U.S. president even more absurd than Obama. It is ridiculous to kick Obama for his incompetence and betrayal of the country to China if he is the product of a majority voters in the “general election.” I have argued that unless the United States amends its system of electing the U.S. president, it will be doomed.

In his e-mail of July 16, Brian J. writes: “I just want to thank you for your articles regarding the very real and extremely dangerous threat China poses for the U.S. and the world. Whenever I bring this up to people, they look at me like I have three heads.” And further: “The worst thing the American people have ever done is put Obama in the White House. If he gets a second term, it may be all she wrote for this nation. … I agree than there are far too many ignorant voters in this country.”

Well, there are as many ignorant voters in the United States as in any other country, and this is why electing the U.S. president in the “general election” is absurdly dangerous but is not yet fatal.

In her e-mail of July 16, Cynthia G. writes: “I certainly enjoy your writings … I am also thankful for people like you who emigrated to this wonderful country and appreciate it! Of course, I wonder how long it will remain wonderful with the traitor we have in the White House! … What amazed and still amazes me is how people in this country could be so stupid as to have elected this man. The first time I saw him [Obama — LN], I could see the deceit dripping from him. … Many are not as stupid now as then but unfortunately many remain blinded. … I can only pray that many more will awake before it is too late! I also take every opportunity to explain to others the deceit of this man. … I only pray that many more want better than what they are seeing.”

Jackie L. (e-mail of July 17) writes; “I enjoyed your article about the threat from China very much. … I do think that there should at least be a test about our knowledge of the candidates to get to vote. … Always, thanks for the article.”

Viet T. (e-mail of July 11) writes: “You have written great articles about the dangers coming from China. I am just curious if you have succeeded in swaying the American public’s minds. …”

In her e-mail of July 16, Karen L. writes: “Thank you for continuing to write your columns about the state of U.S./China relations and the fact that China is our major threat in the world and has been for a while now. … it was already evident that China was infiltrating our nation with its espionage activities. … we see an American president selling secrets to the Chinese … hoping to gain campaign donations … bowing to the head of this adversarial government … an army far larger than our own being trained, and more, well… we’re in trouble. … What you are doing is important, but I still fear for this country, perhaps the last bastion of hope for free societies in the world. … I hope your columns are read far and wide, and that you have as full a speaking schedule as you can manage. Good work, sir.” I am happy that the “problem of China” now evokes such an interest. This is the only guarantee and my only hope that this problem will be solved.

I wish to thank all those who sent me their appreciative e-mails, encouraging me to continue my efforts to stand up for this country.  

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at To learn more about and support his work at the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here. For information about making a tax-exempt donation to the non-profit Center, send e-mail to

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