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Thursday, Sepember 9, 2010     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Jordan sealing its borders with Syria and Iraq
in project financed by U.S.

WASHINGTON — The State Department has reported that Jordan is succeeding in a project to enhance its borders, particularly with Syria.


The department said Jordan has completed the first phase of its border security program, which included the installation of advanced monitoring and communications along the frontier with Syria.

"This border area has historically presented the highest risk of illicit infiltration and smuggling across Jordan's border and it accounted for the greatest number of interdictions by Jordanian law enforcement," the department, in a report titled "Country Reports on Terrorism 2009," said.

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"The completion of this portion of the JSBP [Joint Border Security Program] program significantly enhanced Jordan's detection capabilities and allows Jordan to respond to incidents more quickly."

The report, released on Aug. 5, said Jordan completed the enhancement of its border with Syria in September 2009, Middle East Newsline reported. Jordan was also said to have sought to improve security along its much longer border with Iraq.

"Jordan's security forces continued programs to prevent terrorist attacks in the country and to deny terrorists the use of its territory to launch attacks against its neighbors," the report said.

The Jordanian border security effort has been financed by the United States. Officials said American contractors were installing advanced sensors and command and control equipment for the Jordanian program.

The Amman government has also sought to increase security cooperation. In August 2009, 12 Middle East states were convened in the Regional Biometric Partnership Initiative, supported by the United States.

"Jordan presented a tailored biometric software package and proposed the creation of a regional biometric database for known and suspected terrorists in the region to allow the efficient sharing of data between governments," the State Department said. "The proposal won an endorsement in principal from other participants and could potentially do much to thwart terrorist travel. Jordan welcomed U.S. training and assistance designed to strengthen security at its ports of entry."


We secure another countries borders against terrorists with monies borrowed against our childrens future earning while allowing millions of citizens of the failed narco-state formerly known as Mexico to walk across our border?

Michael      10:29 a.m. / Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am certainly glad, even though the U.S. can not control it's own borders, that it can borrow enough money at the U.S. taxpayers' expense to pay some other country to secure their border. Perhaps the U.S. should give Russia money to secure their borders too.

em      3:37 p.m. / Thursday, September 9, 2010

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