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Tuesday, July 6, 2010     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Shi'ite rebels: Yemen gearing up for renewed war

CAIRO — Iranian-backed Shi'ites in the north have accused Yemen of preparing for war.


The Believing Youth movement has warned that the Yemeni military and security forces were being reinforced for the prospect of renewed civil war. The Iranian-backed Shi'ite militia asserted that the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh has also been recruiting pro-government tribes in the Saada province near Saudi Arabia.

"The government is escalating and purchasing weapons to launch the seventh war against us," Believing Youth representative Abu Malek said.

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The Yemeni Interior Ministry reported Shi'ite attacks on pro-government tribes, Middle East Newsline reported. The ministry said Shi'ite rebels have failed to honor their commitment to surrender their weapons and withdraw from their positions.

On July 4, Abu Malek, said to represent Shi'ite rebels in the Yemeni region of Harf Sufian, said pro-government tribes were being equipped and instructed to attack Believing Youth targets in the north. Over the last month, dozens of tribesmen and Shi'ite fighters have been killed in ambushes and other attacks.

"Since the beginning, the government has not shown a desire for peace and security with any step to resolve the affect of these wars," the Believing Youth said.

In February 2010, the Saleh regime and Believing Youth agreed to a ceasefire that ended six months of war in both northern Yemen and southern Saudi Arabia. Both sides have since accused the other of violations, including the failure to withdraw or reconstruct areas damaged during the war.

"The government did not implement any of our demands since the war stopped last February," Abu Malek said.

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