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Thursday, August 5, 2010     GET REAL

Iran media reverses initial reports Ahmadinejad survived assassination attempt

NICOSIA — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was said to have survived an assassination attempt.


Iranian media reported that Ahmadinejad was targeted by an unknown attacker during a trip to western Iran.

If true, this would mark the first known assassination attempt on Ahmadinejad. Several days ago, the Iranian regime warned of an Israeli plot to kill the president.

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The reports, later denied by the Iranian government, asserted that the attacker hurled a grenade at Ahmadinejad's convoy on Aug. 4 in Hamedan, Middle East Newsline reported.

The president was not harmed but several people were reported injured from the grenade attack. The attacker was said to have been captured.

"Security agents arrested the person who threw it," the official Iranian Fars News Agency said.

The assassination attempt was first reported by an Iranian Web site, which said Ahmadinejad had been on his way to address an audience in western Iran. The Web site said the grenade exploded about 100 meters from the convoy.

"The explosion caused a lot of smoke," the Web site said.

Hours later, the state-owned Iranian media denied that Ahmadinejad had been in danger. Officials said firecrackers had been detonated near the president's convoy.

"No such attack had occurred," a statement by Ahmadinejad's office said.

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