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Tuesday, July 13, 2010     GET REAL

Diplomat: Egyptian president 'is a walking corpse'

LONDON — Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was said to no longer be capable of functioning in his position.


Diplomatic sources said Mubarak's condition has rapidly declined over the last month and his schedule was severely restricted. They said Mubarak was avoiding meetings with most non-Arab leaders to prevent leaks of his true condition.

"He is a walking corpse," a senior Arab diplomat who recently attended a meeting with Mubarak said.

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In July, the sources said, Mubarak underwent a lengthy examination at a French military hospital outside Paris. They said the examination took place amid alarm by presidential aides and close relatives over the decline of Mubarak in 2010.

"Everybody around him is trying to give the impression that he's a spring chicken," another diplomatic source said. "The truth is he is heavily drugged, particularly before he appears with visitors or in public."

On July 14, Mubarak, in a one-day delay of initial plans, was scheduled to meet visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Egypt, Middle East Newsline reported. This was set to be the fifth meeting between the two leaders over the last year.

The sources said the United States has been concerned over Mubarak's decline and the prospect of political chaos in Egypt. They said the administration of President Barack Obama has urged Mubarak to advance elections, scheduled for late 2011, to prevent a power vacuum.

Mubarak, however, has refused U.S. overtures. The sources said the president has failed to build a coalition within the military for his son, Gamal, to serve as successor.

The sources said the State Department was supporting the unofficial candidacy of former International Atomic Energy Agency director-general Mohammed El Baradei as the next president of Egypt. They said El Baradei has sought an alliance with the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

"The situation is very dangerous," the diplomat said.


It is my general impression that El Baradei would approve of Iran in particular, but Islamic countries in general, of attaining nuclear weapons. In fact, I'd contend that without his help, Iran couldn't have made it this far. Therefore, the State Department's tacit endorsement of his candidacy is troubling indeed. Besides that, the "Muslim Brotherhood" is the great grandfather to most of the terrorist organizations out there. With leaders like these, who needs enemies. Hillary Clinton, the water-carrier. Oh, and to the guy writing from Egypt... I'm in America and we have the same problem here; like everywhere else, it's the rich and powerful that make the real decisions.

drsanto      3:22 a.m. / Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Egyptians have no say in anything. Thanks to Mubarak we just sit and watch as if it has nothing to do with us. Be an Egyptan and have no rights.

sorry I'm scared      4:31 a.m. / Friday, July 16, 2010

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