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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New totalitarian consensus: God must go to the back of the bus

By Nancy Morgan

While speaking in Ankara, Turkey this week, President Obama made an astonishing proclamation. He claimed, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation." Instead, he said, "We are a nation of citizens", essentially assigning fealty to 'the state' over fealty to God. The world listened, and nodded.   

Back home in the U.S., Newsweek editor Jon Meacham welcomed The End of Christian America: "The decline and fall of the modern religious right's notion of a Christian America creates a calmer political environment and, for many believers, may help open the way for a more theologically serious religious life."

I guess its settled. God is now outdated, at least among our political and media elite. In their world view, what they sneeringly call the religious right is now merely a fringe group. America itself has evolved to a higher plane. A more progressive plane, if you will.

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The overwhelming majority of Americans who profess faith in God are being told that the times have changed. Christianity, our ruling elite inform us, is only one of many religions, all of which are equal.

In case we don't get it, President Obama, while abroad, expressed a deep appreciation for the Islamic faith while, here at home, he appointed a gay-rights activist to the federal government’s faith-based initiative. Said activist described Pope Benedict XVI and certain Catholic bishops as “discredited leaders.” Get it?

The election of Barack Obama has ushered in a new era in the war for hearts and minds in America. Obama, representing the left, believes that man, not God, is omnipotent, thus paving the way for man (Obama) to take control of every facet of life in America. Obama and the government know best. They are now in charge.

President Obama is asking for your blind faith, the faith usually reserved for God. Without any record of achievement, he asks that you believe in him, that you follow his dictates. That you allow him to lead us from the wilderness.

What Obama is doing has been done before. Successfully. In the former Soviet Union, churches operated only with permission of the state. In China, the crackdown continues on underground churches. The 'state' knows it must have supremacy over God in order to effectively rule (subjugate) its citizens.

Pol Pot knew this. Lenin knew this. Mao Tse Tung knew this. Any dictator who conquers a country through force knows this. And Obama knows this.

In order for the state to be supreme, fealty to God, and allegiance to family and to communities, must be replaced with fealty to the state. This strategy is now being implemented in America, with increasing success.

The traditional family, the backbone of our nation, is being redefined as we speak. The institution of marriage is being undermined by the creeping acceptance of gay marriage. Faith in God is being replaced with faith in Mother Earth.

It's no mistake that the Obama administration is jumping aboard the environmental bandwagon. They recognize the basic human desire to believe in a cause or ideal greater than ourselves.

By making the environment the new religion, all those higher feelings may be directed and manipulated by the state. And all that money, formerly called tithing, may now be directed towards supposed efforts by the government to 'save the planet.' In other words, God can't save the planet, only man can.

Guilt may now be assuaged by advocating for environmental controls. Best of all, total redemption is available for those who care enough to become 'carbon neutral.'

In order for this to work, government has to get God out of the way. And they're doing a bang-up job. The ACLU has terrorized cities across the country with threats of lawsuits for allowing the barest hint of religion into state policy.

The secularist media portrays anything smacking of Christianity as totally beyond the pale. Newspapers, magazines and television are of one mind, depicting any show of faith in God as a fringe mentality, as unseemly as picking one's nose in public.

God is now passe, at least according to those elites who set the agenda in our country. Environmentalism is the new religion for all right thinking people. And if you don't agree, well, it doesn't matter. Obama won, haven't you heard? He has claimed a mandate, and, so far, no one is challenging it. We voted for it. We got it.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for She lives in South Carolina


It is up to us as Christians to start being vocal! Get off our duffs and start writing, blogging, calling, attending rallies. Do something NOW!

Shannon      3:10 p.m. / Monday, April 13, 2009

Ben, you are right. Long ago we decided to stop supporting our libral media by disconnecting our TV, and refusing to subscribe to any newspapers or news magazine. We get news (from around the world on the Internet) but refuse to support the American media. I hope other Christians will consider the same.

Julie      12:40 p.m. / Saturday, April 11, 2009

America is more Christian a nation than ever, regardless of what people say on surveys or how irregular their church attendance. Christian values are even deeply embedded in the self-indulgent liberal mindset that is rapidly turning us into a Nanny state. The Believers and the Lovers (as opposed the the secular humanists and the Haters) are way too tolerant of the Leninist cancer that is spreading across the Republic with the active support of the Leninists themselves, including Barack Obama and his ilk. That is the problem. Rosa Parks had rights. God has rights too. The Believers and the Lovers must assert them.

Maybe you can't      11:11 a.m. / Friday, April 10, 2009

America, you are off the bus. Now,wait for chastisement,not blessing!

ben fekin      10:54 a.m. / Friday, April 10, 2009

We have all heard it said that all that is needed for evil men to succeed is for good men to do nothing. The Bible says that it will continue to get worse, for the life of me I don't understand why we Christians expect that it is going to be any different. Read The Word. As for me in my life Jesus will never go to the back of the bus! What? Are they going to threaten me with Heaven?

Jeff McKeown      8:40 a.m. / Friday, April 10, 2009

It's hard to believe this is happening in America in MY lifetime (I'm 53). Even though many Christians are actively fighting the battle, praying, voting and being politically involved ... America is still slipping. I know that they say " we get exactly what we deserve in a democratic system, but what did we do (or not do) to deserve such a defiant leader? Sad to see,

Dave      6:11 p.m. / Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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