Just when you thought it was over: Dying Bush dynasty gets an infusion of globalist cash

Special to WorldTribune.com, August 26, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

It appears Jeb Bush has a new role model. The question is: how concerned should we be about it?

A search of August grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reveals the vaccine zealot and global population control advocate donated $550,000 to Jeb’s Foundation For Excellence in Education.

In July, he gave a cool $400,000.

Actually, the Gates-Jeb education connection goes back quite a ways. The Gates Foundation donated to Jeb’s group as far back as 2011 and has given it some $14 million over the past 11 years.

Melinda Gates spoke at the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s 2011 Summit, where she touted Common Core:

Governor Bush, let me say what an honor it is to be here.

There are quite a few leaders in America who want to be the Education Governor. But the true test of dedication is whether you want to be an Education ex-Governor. America is lucky to have Governor Bush working to extend Florida’s success to schools and states across the country….

Today, I want to talk about the cornerstone of our efforts to help all teachers become effective. I’m referring to the focused, consistent, high-level academic standards in Math and English Language Arts – typically known as the common core state standards.

These standards have been developed by education experts, teachers, and business leaders. They are based on the skills students need to succeed in college and career. They are designed to match or beat our international competition. They are supported by the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers. And they’ve now been adopted by 44 states.

But that’s not enough. If states adopt these standards, but don’t lift up their courses to align with these standards, we’ll be like people who make super-ambitious New Year’s Resolutions – but don’t take the steps to keep them.

That would be a terrible loss – because the common core, if we implement it, can be a key pillar of school reform in America.

Jeb’s support for Common Core further dinged his laughably awful 2016 presidential run.

A search of the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s website reveals another blast from the GOP establishment past. Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor serves on the Board of Directors.

One does not have to scratch long to find Cantor sharing space in the same elitist bubble as Gates.

But that’s not all. Jeb and Gates are both currently funding a tech start-up that aims to create ways to detect concealed weapons. Should this be concerning to those already alarmed by Gates’s involvement in efforts to control human beings via vaccines, food and even exposure to the sun?

Formed in 2013, its visitor-scanning technology was initially made with the aim of giving “confidence and peace of mind” to people visiting public spaces or venues, its website says, claiming it has screened more than 50 million people in the past two years.

Evolv Technology is positioning itself as a lucrative player in the ever-growing military industrial complex money machine. From an August 2021 press release written well before the Ukraine War bonanza:

Although the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were far reaching, the security defense industry proved to be resilient enough to weather this storm. As a matter of fact, Defense News estimates that the top 100 defense companies raked in a combined $551 billion in 2020 representing a 5% increase compared to the prior year.

Going forward, it appears that this trend is likely to continue as illustrated by President Biden’s $715 billion defense budget proposal, a $10 billion increase from the previous allocation as he shifts focus from the Middle East to emerging threats from China….

Evolv Technologies Holdings Inc has also been strengthening its position in the defense industry going by recent developments. The company recently went public through a SPAC, resulting in a pro forma total enterprise value of approximately $1.3 billion. Evolv investors include Bill Gates, DCVC,  Motorola Solutions, Finback Investment Partners, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, SineWave Ventures and STANLEY Ventures.

How about that? Bill Gates and Jeb Bush profiting off of war together.

Jeb is sitting on a substantial pile of money these days. Finback Partners is Jeb’s investment firm. It raised a whopping $350 million last September:

Finback Investment Partners announced today that is has successfully closed on its debut private equity fund, Finback Investment Partners 2021 Fund. The Fund, which was oversubscribed, closed at its hard cap of $350 million, exceeding its initial $250 million target. Finback’s fund, raised in three months, includes $38 million in general partner commitments.

Jack Oliver is Finback’s Managing Partner. The extremely well-connected Oliver served as national finance co-chair for Jeb’s disastrous presidential campaign:

Oliver has worked at the highest level of national and state politics. During the 2004 presidential campaign, he served as an adviser and strategist for the Bush-Cheney ’04 presidential campaign. As national finance vice chairman for Bush-Cheney ’04 and Victory 2004, Oliver managed the campaign’s $240 million finance plan. Time magazine described Oliver as “the man largely responsible for what is being heralded as the most formidable money machine in modern political history.”

From his bio at Finback:

Most recently, Jack served for 13 years as a Senior Advisor to Barclays and Lehman Brothers, providing counsel for top clients across investment banking and capital markets management on cross-border and national transactions.  Additionally, he is a Senior Advisor to companies including Aspiration, 8vc, Palantir Technologies, Addepar, Leeo, and Rubicon Global. He is also a former Lead Director for eHealth….

Palantir is infamous for having made a mint off of George W. Bush’s War on Terror.

Oliver also has ties to Bill Gates’s corrosive global operations:

He served for two years as Co-Chairman of the ONE Campaign, an organization founded by U2’s Bono and supported by the Gates Foundation with the mission to raise public awareness about global poverty and disease in developing countries. He is a member of the Robin Hood Foundation Leadership Council; a member of the Council of Foreign Relations; on the National Leadership Council of Communities in Schools; an Advisory Council member of the George Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University; a Member of the External Advisory Board of the Washington University Gephardt Institute for Public Service; an Advisory Member of the Leadership Council at the Danforth Plant Science Center; a Member of the National Leadership Committee of the George W. Bush Foundation; and former Director for the Legacy Educational Foundation and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Jeb’s Finback Partners’ mission statement sounds eerily familiar to those who have been watching Bill Gates wreak havoc over the past two decades:

We contribute private capital to solve public sector challenges. All investments must meet our minimum criteria for returns, and, once that is met, we evaluate investments based on their societal impact. The outcome is impact-like investing without lagging returns – an economically effective way to address societal challenges. Our goal is to invest in companies where success is meaningful for all shareholders, including our limited partners, management teams, employees, and our communities.

Eight years ago, the American people fully grasped how calamitous a third President Bush would have been for the very existence of the nation. But if you had hoped to have seen the last of this decrepit elitist political dynasty, think again. Flush with cash and aligned with Bill Gates, Jeb may not yet be done tending the toxic soil sown by his “new world order” father some 30-odd years ago. He is simply approaching the matter in a behind-the-scenes manner that has proven enormously successful for globalists of all stripes in recent years.

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