Biden State Dept. pledges to bring ‘hundreds of thousands’ of Third World refugees to U.S.

Special to, December 19, 2022

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

An installed presidential administration is taking your country away from you.

On Dec. 12, Antony Blinken, in his official role as Biden administration Secretary of State, formally signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Tent Partnership for Refugees, a hugely influential pro-migration organization lavishly financed by its founder, Chobani yogurt CEO Hamdi Ulukaya.

Tent describes itself as “a network of over 300 major companies committed to integrating refugees in their host communities.”

Last week, Corporate Watch detailed how the George W. Bush Center is all-in on the demographic overthrow of the American people via the biological weapon of massive Third World immigration. We related how the Center is promoting the stated agenda of progressive globalist billionaire George Soros.

The decrepit Bush dynasty is very much out of (titular) power these days. But the man behind the curtain is not. The current United States Secretary of State, whose intimate family ties to nation-destroying progressive globalist billionaire Soros run root deep, is actively engaged in bringing as many foreigners into this nation as possible and finding American jobs for them, all while citizens struggle to get by in an inflationary economy.

Blinken declared at the ceremony:

This year, as you all know, we have hit around the world what is truly a sobering milestone: We now have more than 100 million people, for the first time in recorded history, forcibly on the move from their homes. Of those 100 million or so, about 35 million people are refugees or asylum seekers. And more than a million are children born as refugees.

They have gone through incredibly difficult ordeals. But one of the things that we all know is that the journey isn’t over even when they arrive at the destination.

Finding a home. Learning a language. Seeking a job. Getting kids into school. Building community. All of these steps are essential for refugees to build new lives in new lands.

The United States is committed to supporting them….

Blinken is partially referring to helping migration around the world. But he is clear to emphasize that he is also very much talking about America’s role as a host nation that must open its doors wide to this unprecedented global human horde:

Here at home, the Biden administration has made it a priority to expand and modernize our refugee admissions program, including by raising our annual admissions target to 125,000 people a year – that’s more than eight times what it was just a few years ago. And we’re working toward that goal. I wish it were like flipping a light switch, but a lot of work has to go into getting us back and beyond where we were.

The Tent Partnership fully understands the valuable ally it has in the White House. Its website proclaims:

Since 1980, the U.S. has admitted more than 3 million refugees. The current administration has pledged to welcome hundreds of thousands of additional displaced people – including 95,000 Afghans who worked alongside the U.S military and 100,000 Ukrainians forced to flee Russia’s recent military invasion. There is a unique opportunity for businesses to step up and help these newcomers to economically integrate into their new communities.

In his remarks, Blinken mentioned his close association with Ulukaya going back to the days of the Obama administration, and spoke of how countless U.S. businesses are committed to employing refugees as soon as they are settled within the interior of this country:

We’re also assisting Ukrainians and Afghans who’ve fled their countries and sought safety here in the United States – in part by collaborating with Welcome.US, an organization that’s mobilizing American citizens and businesses to support our new neighbors.

Welcome.US is a Rockefeller group project that was put together virtually overnight as soon as the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan in 2021. As WorldTribune noted at the time:

The Rockefellers decided to launch a new mass migration movement into the U.S., and the sheer size of scope of the network constructed is startling. Click on this link and just keep scrolling down to get a feel for the vast influence the Rockefellers wield.

A “National Welcome Council” of prominent individuals includes all the familiar names you’d expect to see – multiple George Soros staffers, representatives from big-brand internationalist NGOs and pro-illegal immigration groups, etc.

But right alongside leading progressive globalists such as Cecilia Munoz and Anne-Marie Slaughter you can find the smiling faces of no less than three former Republican governors – Sam Brownback of Kansas, Gary Herbert of Utah and Dirk Kempthorne of Idaho.

Also on board are executives from Airbnb, Microsoft and Walmart, a Roman Catholic cardinal and bishop, the deputy managing editor of The New York Times and a columnist for The Washington Post.

The Bush Center’s report praising massive immigration goes out of its way to allege that Muslim immigrants are more patriotic than native-born Americans. Similarly, Blinken asserts that refugees are superior to U.S. citizens:

We know refugees have extraordinary talents, expertise, ideas that benefit companies, that benefit communities.

In fact, we know – again, from experience – that the most driven, energetic, determined, strong people on Earth tend to be refugees because everything they’ve had to go through to get to where they are is evidence of that strength, evidence of that opportunity to contribute. And we see that here in the United States day in, day out.

Blinken then turned over the microphone to Ulukaya, who gushed over the tens of thousands of American jobs that were being set aside for refugees:

Mr. Secretary, as you know – and Assistant Secretary [Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration Julieta Valls] Noyes joined – the last event we had, we had 45 companies committing over 20,000 jobs in the United States. And I must tell you, those moments to lead into that summit, it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life where we had these connections with the companies and coming and reaching out and willing to help in all dimensions, and CEOs and head of HRs.

Dec. 18 was International Migrants Day. Blinken’s State Department was sure to issue a celebratory statement hailing the enormous infrastructure, largely built via U.S. taxpayer dollars, that facilitates the reshuffling of some 100 million human souls from one nation to another:

For example, since June, 21 countries, including the United States, have endorsed the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection to strengthen our shared response to irregular migration and forced displacement throughout the Western Hemisphere. We are now joining with our partners to turn the Declaration’s principles into joint action.

The Los Angeles Declaration binds the U.S. to accepting more foreign workers. From a State Department “Fact Sheet” on the declaration:

The United States announced it doubled legal labor pathways for Central America in FY2022 while enhancing worker protections. The United States issued more than 19,000 seasonal labor H-2 visas to northern Central American nationals in FY2022 compared to 9,796 in FY2021 – a 94 percent increase.

Legal labor pathways provide an alternative to irregular migration while meeting domestic labor needs for employers who can demonstrate no U.S. workers are able, willing, qualified, and available to do the temporary work, and the United States is working to further expand those pathways in FY 2023 in addition to collaborating with interagency partners to help reduce H-2 workers’ significant vulnerabilities.

Yes, Democrat Blinken does not hesitate to trot out that trusty, old Republican establishment “free market” saw about “jobs Americans won’t do.”

The Los Angeles Declaration Fact Sheet also includes this revelation:

The United States implemented the Asylum Processing Interim Final Rule (IFR) in May to allow for expedited processing of asylum claims of noncitizens who enter the United States via the U.S. border.

Are you sensing a theme? Any and every way to bring more Third World foreigners into this nation will be pursued. After all, it takes a lot of different avenues to add those “hundreds of thousands” of refugees Tent is gleefully anticipating over the course of one presidential administration. It can’t just be done at the flip of a switch.

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