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Tuesday, September 28, 2010     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Fatah threatens Israelis with 'unforgettable lesson' should W. Bank construction resume

RAMALLAH — The ruling Fatah's militia said it would order attacks against Israelis in response to Jewish construction in the West Bank.


The Al Aqsa Brigades said any renewal of Jewish construction after a 10-month freeze could not be ignored by the Palestinian Authority.

"Our fighters will teach the settlers an unforgettable lesson," Fatah said.

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[On Sept. 28, the Israel Navy intercepted the latest of a series of humanitarian boats headed for the Gaza Strip, Middle East Newsline reported. The interception of the boat by naval commandos was said to have encountered no resistance.]

Officials said Al Aqsa has not conducted major operations since at least 2004. They said many of its members were absorbed into the U.S.-trained PA security forces.

This marked the first threat in months by Fatah against Israel of attacks in the West Bank. Officials said the Fatah leadership has warned PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas against continuing peace talks with Israel amid a resumption of Jewish construction.

The Israeli military has been on alert for Palestinian unrest in wake of the expiration of the Jewish construction freeze. On Sept. 27, the Israel Army raided a Palestinian insurgency stronghold in the West Bank village of Talfit.

The Army reported finding a large amount of unidentified Israeli military equipment. Some of the stolen weapons included an AR-15 assault rifle as well as ammunition.

"The ammunition and military equipment were transferred to sappers," the military said. "In addition, five wanted Palestinians were arrested in the village and taken for security questioning."

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