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Thursday, May 27, 2010     GET REAL

Syria seeks energy ties with Iran, Russia, Turkey

NICOSIA — Syria is discussing plans for an energy network linked to Iran, Russia and Turkey.


Syrian President Bashar Assad said his regime has been discussing a series of projects that would link his country with the energy grids of Iran, Russia and Turkey, Middle East Newsline reported.

Assad said this was part of a strategy to increase energy independence and form a strategic alliance separate from the United States.

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"Syria, Iran, Turkey and Russia are countries working on forming a linkage among them even practically through gas and oil pipelines, railways, communication nets, electric power transfer systems," Assad told the Italian daily La Repubblica on May 24.

Assad said the Syrian alliance with Iran, Russia and Turkey would create a region that would be immune to U.S. influence. The president said the alliance would dominate much of the Middle East and block outside interference.

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