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Friday, October 1, 2010     GET YOUR INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Kuwait warns of Bushehr disaster: Reactor is in earthquake zone

ABU DHABI — Kuwait has warned that Iran's new nuclear energy reactor could turn out to be a disaster for the Gulf.


A Kuwaiti geologist has asserted that Iran's nuclear reactor at Bushehr could be destroyed or heavily damaged in an earthquake. Jassem Al Awadi, a geology professor at Kuwait University, pointed out that Bushehr was located in an earthquake zone.

"The ominous results will be similar to those of the Chernobyl disaster for the whole region," Al Awadi, referring to the massive radiation leak from a Soviet reactor, said.

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The warning took place amid a series of earthquakes that rocked Iran in September 2010. Several people were reported killed in the earthquakes, several of which took place near Bushehr.

Al Awadi pointed out that Bushehr was 276 kilometers from Kuwait, Middle East Newsline reported. He said that an earthquake could spark a massive radiation fallout from Bushehr that would reach Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Council states.

Iran has sought to calm Kuwaiti and other GCC fears over the safety of Bushehr. The Teheran regime has hosted a team from the International Atomic Energy Agency for the fueling of the 1,000 megawatt facility.

But Al Awadi expressed doubts whether IAEA has been imposing its safety standards on Bushehr. The geologist said the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has been monitoring the Bushehr area and was detecting daily tremors along Iran's Gulf coast.

"This is caused by this site being the meeting point of three continental plates — the Arabian, African and Eurasian plates," Al Awadi said.

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