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Explosion rocks Hamas military compound in Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY — Hamas military has again been struck by a major explosion.


Hamas said a military compound was destroyed by an explosion in the Gaza Strip, Middle East Newsline reported. Hamas said several civilians were injured in the blast in the southern town of Rafah, but did not elaborate.

"Five children, three women and five others were lightly injured," Hamas said on Oct. 20.

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This marked the second major explosion of a Hamas military facility in as many months. In August, 58 people were injured and seven houses were destroyed in a Hamas explosion in what was later attributed to the suspected testing of a missile warhead in the central Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military said it was not responsible for the Oct. 20 explosion. The Israel Air Force has frequently conducted air strikes on suspected Hamas tunnels in Rafah.

Palestinian sources said the explosion took place at a training facility of Hamas's Izzedin Kassam Brigade. They said the explosion was huge and rocked Rafah's Tel Sultan neighborhood along the border with Egypt.

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