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Wednesday, June 2, 2010     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Hamas charges Palestinian Authority is arresting, torturing its operatives in West Bank

GAZA CITY — The Hamas regime has reported that the Palestinian Authority imprisoned 450 Islamic operatives in the West Bank.


Hamas said the PA was conducting a crackdown on the opposition Islamic movement throughout the West Bank. The regime in the Gaza Strip said many of the detainees have undergone abuse or torture.

"We will not remain silent over the torture inside West Bank prisons," Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman Ihab Ghussein said.

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In a briefing on May 29, Ghussein called on the Arab and Western media to expose the PA detention of Hamas and other political prisoners. The Hamas spokesman said Western human rights groups have ignored PA violations while focusing on those in the Gaza Strip.

"They must expose perpetrators of crimes and not maintain a double standard between what goes on in Gaza and the West Bank," Ghussein said.

In late May, Hamas and the PA released Palestinian operatives in both the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The release included prominent members of both movements in such locations as Khan Yunis and Nablus.

At the same time, Hamas has reported PA arrests in the cities of Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus and Tulkarm. In Hebron, at least 35 Hamas operatives were detained in May. In response, Hamas detained an unidentified senior Fatah official in the southern Gaza Strip.

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