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Friday, October 7, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

THAAD missile defense system successfully intercepts 2 different targets

WASHINGTON — For the first time, an advanced U.S. missile defense system has intercepted two targets.


The Missile Defense Agency said the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) succeeded in a test to intercept multiple targets. The agency said THAAD, produced by Lockheed Martin, tracked and intercepted two different targets on Oct. 5.

"During the test, THAAD system engaged and simultaneously intercepted one short-range and one medium-range class ballistic missile target," the agency said.

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Officials said this marked the first operational test and evaluation for THAAD. They said the live-fire demonstration was meant to understand the capabilities and effectiveness of the fielded system.

"It was, by far, THAAD's most challenging flight test to date and demonstrates the system's advanced capabilities." L-M vice president Tom McGrath said.

THAAD has been sought by several Middle East allies of the United States, including Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Middle East Newsline reported. But L-M acknowledged that Abu Dhabi has shelved the procurement of THAAD until at least next year.

The flight test, conducted near Hawaii, began with a THAAD missile that intercepted a short-range ballistic missile target. Shortly after, a second THAAD intercepted a sea-launched missile.

"THAAD is the only missile defense system that can intercept missiles both inside the atmosphere and outside the atmosphere," MDA spokesman Rick Lehner said. "Other missile defense technologies do either one or the other."

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