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Wednesday, June 22, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Syria's Soviet-era military systems breaking down under stress of clash with unarmed protesters

LONDON — Syria's aging military equipment is showing stress during the revolt against President Bashar Assad.


Western intelligence sources said Syria's Soviet-origin military would not be able to sustain a long campaign against the opposition. They said Assad's aging T-72, T-62 and T-55 main battle tanks were already reported to have broken down amid the revolt.

The revolt has taxed the Syrian 300,000-member military more than in any other operation since the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. The Syrian Army, backed by Mi-24 helicopters, have been shelling towns along the bord

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"Syria has not modernized its military in nearly 30 years," a source said. "It does not have the spare parts or logistics to keep going for long."

The assessment came as Western countries were beginning to warn their nationals to leave Syria immediately. On June 18, the British Foreign Office said its nationals should leave Syria immediately while foreign carriers were still operating, Middle East Newsline reported.

During the three-month revolt, Assad has increasingly used the military, particularly MBTs and armored personnel carriers. The sources also reported the use of the military's Soviet-origin Mi-24 attack helicopter fleet.

The sources said the Syrian Army MBT corps has been firing toward rebel strongholds in such cities as Dara, Hama and Homs. The MBTs have been deployed with the Army's Fourth Division, under the command of Assad's younger brother, Maher.

ers of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

The sources confirmed opposition reports of defections from the Syrian Army. But they said the defections have not been sufficient to hamper ground or air military operations against the opposition.

"The military has been moving slowly and accompanied by the more loyal security forces," the source said. "The regime is being very cautious in trying to push the military too far."


The Alawite Minority has dominated Syrias military for too long. This turmoil we are seeing is a result of years of corrupt rule. Mario is correct in observing Syria's corrupt military. It is a refelction of the society itself. The Assad clan's rule is in its twighlight. The Armed forces of Syria will split apart as a result plunging Syria into chaos.

michael in syria      1:58 a.m. / Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Syria's Military has been decrepit for a long time despite Soviet and Chinese equipment. Moreover the Soliders are ill trained conscripts that are often illiterate and/or from poorer classes. The officer corp of Syria's Armed Forces are often Corrupt or incompetent. It is for certain that the Syrian military may be able to crush its own people but this is not 1982 and history often does not repeat itself. The Syrian Armed forces may split as a result of this protest and may fail to win the day this time

mario      2:06 a.m. / Thursday, June 23, 2011

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