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Monday, May 23, 2011     GET REAL

Damascus University faculty members identified as security agents for Syrian regime

Syria Anonymous ,

Professors and lecturers from the Political Sciences faculty at Damascus University have recruited more than 36 students belonging to the Baath Youth to attack peaceful demonstrators in Damascus and its suburbs, learned.


In this mobile phone photo, the bag of a student is searched at the entrance of Damascus University, in Syria, on April 27. AP
University sources identified Prof. Sameer Hasan, chairman of the Fourth Division for the Socialist Baath Party, and head of the Political Studies department in the Political Sciences faculty of the Damascus University as one who selected Baath Youth students, according to their sects and beliefs, and sent them to attack protestors with batons, sticks, knives, and Taser guns.

The bulk of these recruits were seen attacking protestors in KafrSuseh (Rifai mosque), Arts Faculty — Damascus University, Barzeh, and al-Tal.

Besides their role as thugs, the recruits also spy on their fellow students and write ‘security reports’ on their activities for the security divisions of the Baath Party and Syrian intelligence.

Prof. Hasan Abu Hammoud, a lecturer in the Political Sciences faculty and the ex-chairman of the Fourth Division for the Socialist Baath Party, is in charge of this particular operation, the sources said. They tied Prof. Ahmad Nasury, Director of the Students Affairs, International Law lecturer, and the temporary chairman of the Fourth Division for the Socialist Baath Party during the past elections, to the regime’s psychological warfare tactics against student demonstrators. Students found protesting are expelled, while the "thugs" attacking them receive credits and scholarships.

The sources said Prof. Abdul Aziz Shehadeh Mansour, International Relations lecturer, and Political Director in the Police Academy, was involved in screening students, while the media campaign is headed by Prof. Bassam Abdulla and assisted by students Antonius “Tony” Safady and Ala’ Maristany for e-media.

The Fourth Division for the Socialist Baath Party is considered to be fertile ground for informers and political security recruits. As part of its security strategy and to project an image of democracy, it holds regularly-scheduled political debates among students.

The most recent such debates on May 8, which addressed current developments in Syrial, was moderated by Prof. Ahmad Nasury.

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When a student from Dera started describing the deteriorating conditions in his hometown he was interrupted by Prof. Jamal Mahmud who also denounced him. Subsequently, ten students left the debate to take part in demonstrations and have received death threats.

Amongst the students recruited by the Fourth Division for the Socialist Baath Party to attack protestors are: Ali Abbas (Tartous), SomarSaleh (Tartous), AsefSulaiman (Tartous), Abdo Mustafa (Hums), ShafeeqSeidaway (Latakia), RaghebJaweesh (Latakia), AyhamAshkar (Latakia), Diya Ibrahim (Jableh), George Kississ (Tartous), Ahmad Deeb (Latakia), Ali Ayyash (Latakia), Ashraf Fadel (Misyaf – Hama), Isa Isa (Hums), ManafAlloush (Misyaf – Hama), Sakhr Muhammad (Hums), MuradDeeb (Misyaf – Hama), Husam Abu Husein (Misyaf – Hama), Al-HasanShaheen (Misyaf – Hama), YamenHarba (Safita – Tartous), Abdulla Ali (Jableh), Sa’udSa’ud (Al-Ghab – Hama), Suleiman Darwish (Hums), Ali Ali (Tartous), AllamAllam (Tartous), Hazem Abbas (Tartous), KhadrDeeb (Tartous), Usama Al-Rashed (Al-Ghab – Hama), Muhammad Isa (Hums), AsadMayhun (Salamiye), Hisham al-Mifleh (Qamishly), Hamoud al-Alyawi (Tal Brak – al-Qamishly), Ato al-Hasan (Manbaj – Aleppo), Abdul Rahman al-Faleh (Deirez-Zour), Abdul RahmanKhaled (Ras al-Ain – Hasakeh), Nayef al-Shawwakh (ar-Raqqa), and Hasan Isa al-Hasan (al-Ghab – Hama).

Most of the recruits are coordinated by another student, Ashraf Fadel, assisted by Sakhr Muhammad and Ali Abu Hammoud, son of Prof. Hasan Abu Hammoud.

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