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Wednesday, April 13, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Syrian government reports 9 of its officers killed

NICOSIA — Syria has reported the killing of senior military officers amid the revolt in the Levant state.


A Syrian government statement said at least two senior officers were killed in an ambush along the highway between Latakia and Tartous. The statement said the officers were among nine Syrian military personnel killed by whom the regime termed "terrorists and thugs."

"The bereaved Syrians buried their martyrs April 11 with a determination to defend the homeland and renew allegiance to the process of reform and modernization masterminded and led by President Bashar Assad since 2000," the statement said.

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[On April 12, Syrian security forces raided the coastal town of Baida and killed at least four people and arrested another 200, Middle East Newsline reported. Witnesses said armored personnel carriers and combat vehicles opened fire toward people and homes.]

The senior officers were identified as Lt. Col. Wahib Issa and Lt. Col. Yasser Qashour. No information was provided on the role of the two officers in the Assad crackdown on the protest movement.

So far, at least 20 Syrian officers and soldiers have been killed and dozens others injured amid the revolt. Many of the officers were said to have been attacked by gangs of gunmen as they moved from one city to another.

"Maj. Mazin Fittimi reported that he was sitting in the front section of the convoy when armed men ambushed and sprayed bullets and grenades from nearby buildings and water sewage canals at Al Qawaz Bridge," the statement said.

Officials said the ambushes of Syrian security force and military personnel took place in Banias, Damascus, Dera, Homs and Latakia. They said at least four brigadier generals were injured in the attacks. They were identified as Hassan Fares Hamoud, Hisham Eddin Barazi, Yusef Mohammed Yusef and Mansour Hussein Mihio.

Most of the injured were identified as police officers deployed to quell demonstrations against Assad. So far, 200 civilians have been killed by live fire by Syrian security forces.

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