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Tuesday, July 19, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Jordan considering Iran offer to supply gas

AMMAN — Jordan is examining an Iranian offer for natural gas after a year of constant disruptions from its current supplier, Egypt.


Officials said Iran has relayed an offer to supply gas to the Hashemite kingdom. They said Teheran submitted the offer in early June and was waiting for a response from the government in Amman.

"The Iranian gas can be exported to Jordan through the pipelines that supply Iraq and Turkey with Iranian gas," Jordanian Energy Minister Khalid Touqan said on July 11.

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In an interview with Jordan's Al Ghad daily, Touqan also reported gas offers from Qatar and Russia.

Egypt has sought to increase the price of its gas by at least 40 percent amid five attacks on the Arab Gas Pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula in 2011. Officials said the attacks halted the gas flow for at least 82 days over the last six months.

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