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Tuesday, July 5, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Egyptian pipeline supplying Israel, Jordan, Syria blown up for fourth time

CAIRO — Egypt has reported another attack on its natural gas pipeline to the Levant.


Egyptian security sources said unidentified attackers blew up the gas pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula on July 4. The sources reported the explosion at Sinai's Bir Abed, 60 kilometers from the Suez Canal, which damaged the facility and forced a shutdown of the entire pipeline.

This marked the fourth reported attack on the gas pipeline since February and came amid Egyptian government demands for clients to pay significantly higher fees for energy.

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The pipeline supplies Israel, Jordan and Syria, and an Egyptian official was quoted as saying the facility would be repaired by July 6.

The sources said the latest attack was similar to previous sabotage, which has been blamed on Bedouins and Al Qaida agents based in the neighboring Gaza Strip. They said men armed with submachine guns broke into a pipeline station, drove out the guards and then planted explosives that blew up the facility.

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