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Thursday, June 2, 2011     GET REAL

Egypt, Jordan fail to agree on gas price

AMMAN — Egypt and Jordan have failed to reach agreement on the revision of natural gas prices.


Officials said the two Arab League states remain far apart in negotiations that would significantly increase the price of Egyptian gas to Jordan.

The negotiations have been taking place amid suspected Al Qaida attacks on the Arab Gas Pipeline in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, which supplies Israel, Jordan and Syria.

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"The main problem is that Jordan wants guarantees on a minimum gas supply," an official said.

Jordan has been dependent on Egyptian gas for more than 80 percent of the kingdom's power requirements. Officials said Egypt has demanded to double the price of gas while Jordan wants supplies increased from the current 150 million to 200 million cubic feet per day. They said Jordan has been discussing the supply of liquefied natural gas from Qatar.

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