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Tuesday, May 24, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Royal Dutch Shell pressured to leave Syria

LONDON — A leading Western energy major has been urged to withdraw from Syria.


Royal Dutch Shell has been called on to suspend operations in Syria amid the revolt against President Bashar Assad. The Dutch human rights group IKV Pax Christi has been protesting Shell's presence in Syria, including lobbying shareholders.

"The Syrian tanks shelling civilians are likely to run partly on fuel provided by Shell," IKV said on May 17.

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"The same goes for police cars and the vans of the security police that strike terror in the streets of Homs and Talkalakh."

Shell was said to own 20 percent of Syria's largest oil producer, Furat Petroleum. Furat sells all of its oil to state-owned General Petroleum Co., which exports 39 percent of Syrian production and supplies to the domestic market.

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