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Monday, February 7, 2011     GET REAL

Explosion at Egyptian gas terminal impacts flow to Israel, Jordan

CAIRO — Egypt's natural gas terminal, which supplied energy to neighboring Jordan and Israel, has been heavily damaged.


Officials said the gas facility in the Sinai Peninsula was damaged by an explosion on Feb. 5 attributed to sabotage, Middle East Newsline reported.

They said the Sheik Zwayed terminal was shut down, blocking the flow of energy to Jordan and Israel for at least a week.

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"This fire is an act of sabotage, but the situation is under control after valves allowing the flow of gas from the terminal into pipelines were shut off," North Sinai Gov. Abdul Wahab Mabrouk said.

The alleged attack on the terminal, which resulted in a huge blaze, took place amid calls by many in the Egyptian opposition to end gas supplies to Israel. Egyptian gas was said to generate 80 percent of Jordan's electricity requirements.

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