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Thursday, June 23, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Surge of electricity could treat battle injuries

TEL AVIV — Israel's military has been testing the use of electric current to treat battle injuries.


Officials said the military was conducting trials in which electric current was used to stop the bleeding of soldiers during battle. They said the hundreds of volts of electricity could result in rapid clotting that could save lives.

"This is a new technology that goes beyond anything else available," an official said.

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The military trials took place in 2010 in cooperation with the Medical Corps. Officials said the military was working with Tel Aviv University in a project led by Professor Ofer Barnea.

The project included the development of a portable electrode that could provide up to hundreds of volts of electricity within a micro-second. The trials have shown that such a surge could constrict blood vessels in chicken eggs.

So far, no testing has been conducted on humans. Officials said this could take place by 2015.

The use of electricity to stop bleeding was developed by a U.S. professor, Daniel Palanker of Stanford University. The method was examined during meetings between military researchers from Israel and the United States.

Israel has sought to enhance military medicine as part of efforts to prepare for a regional war. The military's Medical Corps has already developed an enhanced version of the traditional tourniquet as well as medication for head injuries.

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