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Monday, September 26, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Israel on high alert for renewed terror strikes
in Sinai

TEL AVIV — Israel's military has been placed on high alert for a Hamas attack from neighboring Egypt.


The Israeli military, in an unusual statement, disclosed an alert by its forces of a Hamas attack from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. The statement said Hamas was working with other insurgency groups in Sinai for an imminent strike.

"The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] has increased readiness and raised its alert following concrete information regarding the intentions of Hamas as well as other terror organizations to execute another terrorist attack along the Egyptian border in the very near future," the statement said on Sept. 23.

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The military did not indicate where Hamas might strike along the 205-kilometer Egyptian-Israeli border. The statement said Hamas could be seeking to counter efforts by the Palestinian Authority to mobilize international recognition of a state in the West Bank and Gaza Stirp.

"Military sources suggest that this may be an attempt to sabotage Palestinian Authority developments in the United Nations," the statement said.

In August, nine Israelis died from what military sources asserted was an attack by Hamas in cooperation with Al Qaida-aligned elements in Sinai. The force of an estimated 25 Islamic fighters struck Israeli military and civilian vehicles near Israel's southern port of Eilat.

The sources said the military statement was meant to alert both Israelis as well as the military regime in Egypt of an imminent Hamas attack. They said previous efforts to warn Egypt did not result in any significant bolstering of security in Sinai.

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