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Thursday, August 4, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Israel reports uptick in Palestinian attacks
as statehood deadline approaches

JERUSALEM — Israel, preparing for a revolt in September, has reported an increase in Palestinian attacks.


The Israel Security Agency reported a slight increase in Palestinian attacks during July. In its monthly survey, ISA cited 53 insurgency strikes in July, an increase from 47 during the previous month.

"The increase is mainly affected by Gaza-based attacks," ISA said on Aug. 3.

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ISA as well as the military and police have warned of a Palestinian revolt in September. Officials said the Palestinian Authority was encouraging what they termed an uprising to support the Palestinian bid for United Nations recognition of statehood in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Israel Army has also drafted plans for emergency reserve mobilization in September. Officials said the military has been training reservists and standing Army troops in urban warfare and crowd control tactics in a base of Central Command, responsible for the West Bank.

[Hours after the report was released, Palestinian gunners fired a BM-21 Grad rocket from the Gaza Strip into Israel. No injuries were reported.]

The agency, responsible for domestic intelligence, said the July figure was still low compared to the spring. In March, ISA reported 128 attacks, and in April 101 Palestinian operations from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Palestinian gunners fired 20 rockets and two mortar shells in 18 attacks on Israel in July. During the previous month, only four rockets and one mortar shell were launched.

In July, Palestinian operations, nearly all of them firebombs, were said to have also increased in the West Bank. During the last month, 25 attacks stemmed from the West Bank compared to 19 in June.

In contrast, attacks in Jerusalem dropped sharply. In July, eight attacks were reported compared to 22 during the previous month.

"Terrorist attacks conducted this month did not result in any casualties, as opposed to three in June," ISA said.

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