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Thursday, July 7, 2011     GET REAL

Israel Agency reports fewer insurgency attacks

JERUSALEM — Israel has reported another sharp decline in insurgency strikes.


The Israel Security Agency said the Jewish state was struck by 47 insurgency attacks in June. They said this marked a sharp decline from 72 strikes reported in May in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel has been bracing for a Palestinian insurgency campaign in the summer of 2011, meant to precede a declaration of statehood in the West Bank in the United Nations in September. Officials said elements within the ruling Fatah movement in the West Bank were working with Hamas to launch unrest.

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"The decline is especially salient in the number of attacks in the Judea and Samaria area," ISA, referring to the West Bank, said.

In a statement on July 6, ISA, responsible for domestic intelligence and security, reported the fourth straight month of a decline in insurgency attacks, Middle East Newsline reported. ISA cited 19 attacks in the West Bank, compared to 44 in May.

"Jerusalem is also experiencing a slight decline — 22 attacks as opposed to 25 in May," ISA said.

In contrast, ISA reported a slight insurgency increase from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. In June, Israel was struck by five attacks from Gaza — almost of all of them rocket strikes — compared to three during May.

"Yet this data is considered to be significantly low compared with the number of attacks in the past, and even in recent months," ISA said.

Among the latest attacks was a Palestinian stabbing on June 27 in which two people were injured in the southern city of Beersheba. In Jerusalem, a firebomb injured one person during the previous day.

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