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Friday, June 24, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

System to foil surface to air missile attacks on civilian airliners introduced at Paris Air Show

PARIS — An Israeli defense major has unveiled its protection system for civilian aircraft.


Israel's Elbit Systems presented a full-size model of its C-MUSIC system at the Paris Air Show. C-MUSIC, a pod that measures 2.7 meters, was designed to protect large commercial aircraft against man-portable air defense systems.

"Due to its reliability, rapid response and ability to effectively deal with multiple threats, the system is considered to be among the most advanced of its kind in the world today," Elbit said.

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C-MUSIC, based on an older system now used on helicopters and turboprop aircraft, uses fiber-laser directed infrared to foil surface-to-air missile attacks. Elbit said the autonomous system could be modified to fit all air platforms.

The Israeli government has selected C-MUSIC to protect the nation's commercial air fleet. The Israeli Civilian Aviation Authority has certified the system, which has enabled Elbit to market abroad.

Elbit began working on C-MUSIC in wake of a failed Al Qaida SAM-7 attack on an Israeli passenger jet in Kenya in 2002. A rival Israeli company, Israel Military Industries, has developed flares to divert incoming anti-aircraft missiles.

"Compact, lightweight and easy to install, C-MUSIC minimizes any effect on the aircraft's performance, while maximizing the level of protection offered in even the most vulnerable areas," Elbit said.

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