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Friday, June 3, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

U.S.-trained Palestinian security force on alert
for 'Jewish infiltration' at religious sites

JERUSALEM — A U.S.-trained Palestinian Authority security force has been on alert for Jewish worshippers in Palestinian-controlled cities in the West Bank.


The National Security Forces has been on alert for the infiltration of Jews in the Nablus area. In April, an NSF battalion opened fire toward a Jewish group that sought to pray in Joseph's Tomb in the northern city of Nablus.

"NSF has been on alert for Israeli or Jewish infiltration in most PA cities," an Israeli military source said.

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On May 29, the Israel Army said four PA security officers were responsible for the shooting death of Ben Yosef Livnat, a 24-year-old Jew and nephew of Israeli Culture Minister Limor Livnat, Middle East Newsline reported. An Army investigation said the officers, later identified as members of NSF, opened fire toward carloads of Jewish worshippers after prayers in Joseph's Tomb. The Army said the prayer was not coordinated with either the Army or the PA.

"Israel Defense Forces sources confirmed that the killers of Ben Yosef were part of the Palestinian NSF unit, trained by the U.S. and Canada," the Israel Resource Review said.

PA officials said the NSF officers acted in accordance with orders and would not be prosecuted. They said NSF and other PA security forces were ordered not to allow Israeli soldiers or civilians in PA-controlled cities without approval.

So far, the United States has trained seven NSF battalions in neighboring Jordan. Israel has delayed approval for an eighth battalion to leave for the four-month course in Jordan, said to include counter-insurgency and paramilitary skills.

The Israel Resource Review, which has been investigating the NSF shooting in coordination with Livnat's family, said data on NSF policy and the killing would be sent to the U.S. Congress and Canadian parliament.

Canada has played a major role in the multi-national staff of the Office of the U.S. Security Coordinator, headed by U.S. Lt. Gen. Michael Moeller.

"Rivka Livnat, a U.S. citizen, mother of Ben Yosef Livnat, is considering legal action against the U.S. government," the Israel Resource Review said.

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