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Tuesday, April 12, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Cable reveals intel link between Israel, Bahrain

LONDON — Bahrain and Israel have established a covert link between their intelligence agencies.


Bahrain and Israel have never established diplomatic relations although Israelis with foreign passports conducted business in Manama.

U.S. government documents asserted that Bahrain's King Hamad was maintaining intelligence cooperation with Israel's Mossad. The documents said Hamad planned to expand cooperation with Israel.

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"Bahrain would be willing to move in other areas," U.S. ambassador to Manama, William Monroe, wrote in a cable.

The Monroe cable, released by WikiLeaks, reported on a meeting between the then-U.S. ambassador and Hamad in February 2005, Middle East Newsline reported. During the meeting, Hamad reported on Bahrain's intelligence cooperation with Israel as well as orders to end the delegitimization of Israel.

In one such order, the king told his information minister that Israel was no longer to be referred as the "Zionist enemy" or "enemy."

The cable from the U.S. embassy in Manama did not cite details of Israeli-Bahraini intelligence cooperation. But the king was quoted as saying that he wanted the intelligence relationship to expand.

In 2010, Bahrain's parliament debated a bill that would ban all contact with Israel.

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