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Tuesday, March 5, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Military cites surge in attacks on all Israeli fronts

TEL AVIV — Israel's military has reported a sharp increase in Palestinian insurgency attacks.


Authorities reported 128 insurgency attacks from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in March. This marked more than double the number of such incidents in February, when 61 attacks were reported.

"There was a sharp increase in the level of rocket and mortar fire toward Israel," a report by the Israel Security Agency said.

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[On April 4, Israeli authorities released an indictment against an alleged Hamas operative. Dirar Abu Sisi, said to have studied missile technology in Ukraine, was charged with enhancing Hamas missiles, including increasing their range and blast impact.]

Officials said insurgency attacks increased on all Israeli fronts. The biggest rise was from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas and its Palestinian militias were reported to have conducted 50 missile and other attacks against Israel.

Missile and mortar firings comprised a major element in the increase. ISA said 38 rockets and 47 mortars were fired into Israel in March in 47 attacks. In February, six rockets and 19 mortars landed in Israel in 14 attacks.

Jerusalem also reported a significant increase in Palestinian attacks. The ISA report said Jerusalem was struck by 42 attacks in March, up from 20 during the previous month.

In the West Bank, 36 attacks were reported, including the killing of five members of a Jewish family. In February, ISA reported 23 insurgency strikes.

Neither ISA nor the military sought to explain the sharp increase in attacks. Officials said Hamas was trying to divert attention from increasing unrest against the Islamist regime in the Gaza Strip.

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