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Thursday, February 24, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Israeli firm's 'bird splitter' tech protects planes from avian impacts

TEL AVIV — Israel has developed a concept to protect aircraft from birds.


The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries has developed a structural concept to protect aircraft from damage that stemmed from bird impact. The company produced a prototype called Bird Splitter that destroys an incoming bird and thereby protects aircraft structure and crucial systems.

"The Bird Splitter structure is located on the aircrafts' tail and designed to 'split' an incoming bird and thereby protect aircraft structure and crucial systems," IAI said.

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The company presented its concept at the Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, held on Feb. 23. Executives said Bird Splitter was installed on the new IAI-manufactured G-250 business jet, a member of Gulfstream Aerospace's super mid-size category family.

Birds have posed a major threat to aircraft, particularly during takeoff and landing. Birds have been sucked into aircraft engines, which sometimes resulted in a shutdown.

The conference also hosted a competition by students from the Israel's Technion, whose graduates work in the nation's aerospace and defense sector. One project was termed "Batmobil," an aircraft developed under the guidance of an IAI engineer, Shlomo Tsach.

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