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Thursday, April 14, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Iraqi government raids Camp Ashraf, orders expulsion of Mujahadeen Khalq

BAGHDAD — Iraq has ordered the expulsion of thousands of members of the Iranian opposition.


The government of Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki has has given the estimated 4,500 members of Mujahadeen and their families until the end of 2011 to leave Iraq.

"This organization must be removed from Iraqi territory by all means, including political and diplomatic, with the cooperation of the United Nations and international organizations," Iraqi government spokesman Ali Dabbagh said.

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On April 8, Iraqi security forces raided Camp Ashraf, the stronghold of Mujahadeen, Middle East Newsline reported. The opposition's political wing, National Council of Resistance of Iran, said 34 people were killed when Iraqi security forces attacked the camp 65 kilometers northeast of Baghdad. This marked the second violent raid by security forces of Ashraf in less than a year.

Dabbagh said Iraq has deemed the Mujahadeen a terrorist group. He said the raid was in response to what he called stone-throwing by camp residents.

The United States, which has been working with Mujahadeen in tracking Iran's nuclear program, has urged Al Maliki to resolve the issue of Camp Ashraf without violence. But Mujahadeen said the Baghdad government has quietly allowed Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to monitor the camp and generate instability.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran said the April 8 attack on Camp Ashraf lasted six hours. The group said Russian-origin BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles fired automatic weapons into the camp.

"Al Maliki owes his office to the money, terror and intimidation that is pumped from Teheran to Iraq," council president Maryam Rajavi said.

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