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Leftist elites in the West and Islamists in the East agree on new world order, the people be damned

By Sheda Vasseghi

If one has ever wondered how the ancient peoples of the Middle East such as the Egyptians, the Syrians, and the Lebanese became lumped together as Arabs speaking a shared Arabic language while forgetting their own native tongue, one only needs to look at the current assault on Iran as a case in point.


Iranian demonstrators chant slogans inside the former U.S. Embassy compound in Tehran, on April 25, during a demonstration marking the failed 1980 U.S. mission to free 52 American hostages held at the U.S. embassy.      / AP / Vahid Salemi
Unlike other Middle Eastern nations currently in revolt, Iranians are not fighting just for natural and human civil rights as well as against corruption and fascism, but also to stop a clear genocidal attack against their national identity in lieu of Arabization. This is not prejudicial to Arabization, but an objection against its unwanted enforcement.

Since the establishment of an Islamic regime in Tehran which by name and definition is based on 7th century mentality, Iranians, who had leaped across centuries in just a few decades to regain some of their pre-Islamic legacies such as freedom of religion and attain modernity, have now found themselves awaiting the coming of the Messiah or the “12th Imam” while being controlled by his agent on earth, a cleric! It is true that Iran’s current demise is largely due to its own people’s misguided ways in the 1970s, lack of knowledge in political science and its process, as well as a lack of appreciation of what was happening to them and their nation, but it is well-known that the foreign forces and domestic ideologues such as the leftists and Islamists took advantage of the nation’s spiritual and analytical weaknesses to abort its rise from the medieval ashes.

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This ethnic genocide is clearly shown by the fact that the Iranian national flag was immediately replaced with an occupying flag displaying a foreign word Allah, the Iranian constitution rewritten along the lines of Sharia laws was shoved down the people’s throats, the Persian language was diluted by forceful injection of Arabic words, Iranian women were stuffed further under male domination by the violently-forced hejab and misogynist laws, and millions of Iran’s best and brightest fled the country (brain drain) for the first time in its modern history seeking refuge across the globe.

The largest American-Iranian community now lives in and around Los Angeles, affectionately known as “Irangeles.” It is quite doubtful this phenomenon would have occurred without the domestic and foreign support of the establishment of an Islamic regime in Teheran 32 years ago.

The Islamic Republic, as any ideological-driven institution, immediately changed the country’s educational system so as to facilitate the erasure of nationalism, eradication of the native language, and elimination of secularism. In addition to rewriting Iran’s history to promote a pseudo concept called “Islamic civilization,” the regime just announced further “Islamization” of university courses in various fields such as law, women’s studies, human rights, management, philosophy, and political science.

In this genocidal endeavor, the West has helped a great deal as both sides conveniently name universal social matters such as natural rights, civil human rights, gender equality, religious freedom, animal rights, and the like as “Western” influences.

That is, both the East and the West suggest these social values never existed in the East – the cradle of civilization thousands of years prior to the development of the West or Mohammad’s prophetic visions. This false and misguided claim only fuels the fire that is flaying the Iranian people physically, emotionally and spiritually on a daily basis.

So what’s up with this gross, voluntarily contradictory behavior by both the Western institutions and the Islamic regime in Iran especially since on its face they appear to be as oil and water?

The Western media and institutions are infiltrated by the leftists while the East has been erroneously defined as “Islamic” for the past couple of hundred years – thanks to the European “enlightened” travelers. Hence the two competing doctrines unable to defeat one another without an all-or-nothing war have come to an understanding – the creation of a new world order!

In creating their new world order, the Western leftists and Eastern Islamists have agreed upon land re-allocations, geographical re-naming, and exchange of resources. This agreement became a reality because both leftists and Islamists believe in universalism – that is, neither recognizes national identity, national borders, vernacular languages, or native cultures. Both believe in controlling and sacrificing the individual and the masses for the communal good. Both believe in an elite group managing people along their political view that only an oligarchy of die-hard ideologues know best. Both understand they cannot defeat the other without accepting the possibility of self-destruction.

Therefore, the leftists have settled for the “West” and the Islamists have settled for the “East.”

Hence, the current massive unrest in the Middle East with no clear direction, sense of leadership or agenda was not by coincidence. These acts were not a surprise. The Iranian national uprising of 2009 was a surprise due to the world’s ignorance of the resilience of Iranian nationalism. But the uprooting of the “Arab” Middle Eastern peoples one by one where a little more than half are literate was not a surprise. Even the oppression and barbaric murder of these innocent masses in different countries were shared by the same mercenaries supplied and fed by the same masters. These current Arab uprisings were a result of 32 years of an Islamic regime in a resourceful and wealthy Iran that had the ability and manpower to spread its poisonous tentacles across its borders.

As for the West, the recent aggressive socialist movements starting with an induced economic crisis only paved the way for more control by an oligarchy of elites in charge of resources!

Iran and Israel are the two non-Arab nations in the Middle East. Iranians have been fighting the resented physical, spiritual and mental invasion of Muslim Arabs since 1400 years ago. Their endeavor has had its share of successes and failures, but never without momentum.

Since Islamization, the goal of the Islamic regime in Iran, cannot occur without Arabization, then Iran is on its way to being renamed “Al-Iran” just as the leftist and the Islamist co-conspirators are working together to redraw the geographic points in the Middle East by referring to the historic “Persian Gulf” by the fraudulently-coined term the “Arabian Gulf”!

The Islamic Republic would love to change Iran’s name to “Al-Iran” while insuring that the Shi'ite version of Islam is the dominant power in the region. The Arab Sunnis on the other hand are lining their ducks in a row to block the Shiite political designs. If Iranians do not take control of their country, regardless of the final outcome, Islam will win and Iran will lose!

In all of this what the leftists fail to note is that Islamists loathe leftists because they are deemed as anti-God. They may have agreed to the division of universal realms at this instance, but if anything about the 1979 tragic events in Iran can teach history enthusiasts is that after the dust has settled, the Islamists will eliminate the leftists. They are after all ordained by Allah!

The moral of the story: Both the West and the East are in danger because of these two ideologies now using the world resources and innocent lives to face their long overdue duel. The Western population should not take its liberties for granted as the Eastern population should turn the tables on the puppet masters. Perhaps with information technology, this time, the masses will not be as ignorant of the “behind the scenes” agreements as they were prior to the outbreaks of WWI and WWII.

Sheda Vasseghi is on the Board of Azadegan Foundation, and is a regular contributor to and on Iran’s Affairs.

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