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Memo to U.S. Navy: The mullahs are the enemy, not the Iranian people

By Sheda Vasseghi

According to the clerics in Iran, educational programs promoting the desire to live in a free, democratic environment are “perverted political movements” and must be banned. General humanities and pro-Western studies must be aggressively replaced with Islamic teachings of jihad.


Theatrical performances such as Teheran theatre's recent production of the classic European play Hedda Gabler can be shut down at will by government agents in their efforts to regulate cultural affairs. Since when have recognition for human natural rights and patronizing the arts become “Western” qualities?

In short, the Iranian desire for modernity and secularism must be crushed in order for the theocratic rulers to continue their divinely-ordained pillaging and plundering.

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Just as the Spaniards in the Middle Ages succeeded in their Reconquista efforts against foreign invaders, so will the 21st century Iranians soon reclaim their land from the illegitimate and unwanted Islamists in power. For 32 years, the regime in Teheran has worked very hard to effectuate Islamization of a key location in the Middle East with direct cultural and historical ties to Central Asia. Iran is the final frontier for this long, drawn-out battle between free will and thought versus outdated, medieval tenets and values. It is no wonder that since the Islamic Republic regime in Iran and the rise of political Islam, the world is less safe and less democratic. The level of progress or decline based on domestic and international movements takes a couple of decades to show.

Through its rich culture and history, Iran was and is secular, pro-individualism and modern. It is for this reason that it has withstood the test of time maintaining its identity for 14 violent centuries even though its neighbors lost their language and sense of historical significance to the same foreign invaders.

Since the 1979 bloody Islamic Revolution, Iranians have been under a genocidal attack, keen on a full and complete destruction of their nation. Given political Islam does not recognize borders or honor any language but Arabic, it cannot take root without Arabization. Shortly after the revolution, the clerics in power with their expressed hatred and disgust for anything Iranian made massive changes to the educational system and textbooks while diluting the country’s language with Arabic hoping that a generation or two of brainwashing would be sufficient to change the course of history. Three generations and decades of terror later, in June 2009, millions of Iranians poured into the streets to demonstrate that the clerics were dead wrong!

Unfortunately, it is precisely the clerics’ anti-Iranian behavior in conjunction with ethnopolitical rivalry of neighboring Arab countries that have resulted in the U.S. Navy’s decision to include changing the historical name “Persian Gulf” to “Arabic Gulf” in recent revisions to its Style Guide. The political maneuver to promote the arbitrary and incorrect name “Arabic Gulf” was first printed in 1957 by a British Agent Frederic Owen in a book entitled The Gold Bubble: Arabian Gulf Documentary. This book was published just a few years after the Iranian oil nationalization movement in opposition to decades of British control. With the 1960s pan-Arabism movements Arab nations around the Persian Gulf jumped on the bandwagon, and began using the coined term “Arabic Gulf” for this strategic body of water as a form of aggression against Iranians. This body of water has been called the Persian Gulf for more than two millennia, and officially confirmed by the United Nations on several occasions.

It is no coincidence that the U.S. Navy’s decision to instruct its employees to change the map and use the name “Arabic Gulf” took place about the same time the U.S. government entered into a massive weapons contract with the Arab nations. In December, after having been bombarded with thousands of complaints on Facebook, the Navy explained it is not using the historical name “Persian Gulf,” because that name is not recognized by Arab partner nations.

With such careless appeasement, foreign powers show their support for the rogue regime rather than the Iranian people. The incorrect name “Arabic Gulf” will not have an impact on the clerics in Teheran, because they do not represent Iranian national interests. According to their regime’s Constitution, Iranian resources should be used for advancement of political Islam and the Islamic Revolution. The arbitrary act by the U.S. Navy, will, however, antagonize the Iranian people and true opposition to the rogue regime, who are very sensitive to the issue, and unlike the ruling clerics, very friendly to the U.S.

The people’s friendliness to the U.S. and global communities reflects the fact that the majority of Iranians, and especially the youth, have little or no interest in Islamic teachings. They have nothing in common with a philosophy that preaches “submission without question.” To the contrary, the overwhelmingly young Iranian population has many inquiries and interests none of which can be answered by a regime set on wiping out their rights to think, choose, dress and live as they wish.

Since the June 2009 presidential election triggered a national revolt and continued resistance against theocracy, the fear of clerics has quadrupled especially with their failed brutal crackdown on civilian uprisings. To the contrary, the opposition slogans quickly changed from “Where is my vote?” to “Down with Islamic Republic!”

The clerics can do all they want to filter the Internet; force teenage girls to marry in curbing their independence; financially crush the middle class; strip modern theories from school curricula; fire competent educators; toy with cultural re-engineering; alter and manipulate Iranian history as in the most recent case with the biblical story of Purim having been twisted by the clerics in declaring it an “Iranian Massacre” to further create tension and artificial sociopolitical division between Iranians and Jewish communities (although a Jewish celebration, many historians believe Purim is a historical novella during which a plot against Jews in the Persian Empire was foiled resulting in the Persian king granting them the right of self defense); arrest and harass Christian-, Jewish-, Bahai-, and Sunni-Iranians; and ban Valentine’s Day, but they will not be able to extract free will that is part of a people’s DNA. Not only has the past 32 years proven this, but the last 1,400 years has shown that political Islam will not dominate Iran. One religious philosophy will never rule supreme, because Iran is a land from which political and religious tolerance first emerged and was recorded for all to note.

A government of clerics with their grand master Khamenei is no longer credible or tolerable. With its inability to accept that it is on borrowed time, the regime in Teheran will self-destruct as it continues to panic and spin out of control. The majority of Iranians are trapped in a pressure cooker. No government will survive the wrath of the people. The Islamic Republic Department of Education cannot save this sinking ship! The regime’s rank and file patriotic nationalists must step forward and guide the inevitable people’s revolution in a more peaceful and civilized manner. Iran has and will never be short of heroes.

Sheda Vasseghi is on the Board of Azadegan Foundation and is a regular contributor to and on Iran’s Affairs.

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