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Thursday, April 21, 2011     GET REAL

Hamas believed using Westerners to spy on Israel

TEL AVIV — On April 17, an Israeli court indicted an Australian on charges of spying for Hamas.


The defendant was identified as Iyad Rashid Abu Arja, an Australian born in Saudi Arabia and accused of helping Hamas in a plot to attack targets in Israel.

Israeli officials said Hamas was recruiting both native Muslims as well as converts from Christianity to conduct espionage operations in the Jewish state.

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"Hamas believes that Westerners have a much easier time entering Israel and moving around than anybody else," an official said.

The indictment said Abu Arja, arrested when he arrived on a flight to Israel, joined Hamas and traveled to Syria where he underwent weapons training, Middle East Newsline reported. Abu Arja was alleged to have been ordered to acquire Israeli technology in such fields as missile guidance and encryption.

Abu Arja was told to contact Israeli defense companies in the Hamas effort to acquire technology. The indictment said Abu Arja worked in computers and that his latest visit had been meant to determine whether he could enter and leave Israel without detection.

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