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Thursday, March 31, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Iran-backed Shi'ites, having shown their power, said plotting next move in Bahrain

ABU DHABI — Despite a recent lull in activity, Western diplomatic sources said the Bahraini crackdown on the Shi'ite opposition has not ended the threat to the Gulf Sunni kingdom.


The sources said the Shi'ites, supported by Iran, were reorganizing and planning the next stage of their effort to take over Bahrain.

"The opposition has proven that it can bring 100,000 people and take over large parts of the country," a Western diplomat said. "They have not lost that ability."

The sources said some of the Shi'ites have resorted to attacks on Sunni and regime-aligned facilities and businesses. They said others in the opposition were targeting the huge expatriate labor community, which included members of Bahrain's military and security forces. At least 24 people have been reported killed in anti-regime unrest over the last month.

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"The Iranians are moving slowly because something like this is best done mostly through political pressure rather than through mere violence," the diplomat said.

For its part, Bahrain has accused the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah of training Shi'ite fighters to attack the Manama regime, Middle East Newsline reported. Officials said Iran has provided a range of support, including weapons, to Shi'ites.

On March 30, a Shi'ite opposition leader warned Iran not to interfere in Bahrain's affairs. Sheik Ali Salman, head of Al Wefaq, also demanded the withdrawal of Gulf Cooperation Council forces from Bahrain.

"We urge Iran not to meddle in Bahraini internal affairs," Salman told a news conference. "We demand Saudi Arabia withdraw the Peninsula Shield [GCC] forces. We do not want Bahrain to turn into a battlefield for Saudi Arabia and Iran."


USA is not responsible, one man is making the decisions without the approval of the citizens. We wish everyone could get along and live a peaceful and happy life but it can't be forced. We miss our families. We are tired of all the fighting to try to "fix" things. Blessings to the Behrainian people. God help and bless us all.

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