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Monday, August 1, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Bedouins employ heavy firepower in 6th attack on Sinai pipeline

CAIRO — Egypt has acknowledged that Bedouin insurgents were using heavy weapons in attacks in the Sinai Peninsula.


Security sources said Bedouin attackers were employing anti-tank guided missiles and rocket-propelled grenades in strikes in Sinai. On July 30, they said, the insurgents used RPGs to attack a northern Sinai terminal of the Arab Gas Pipeline and then blew up the facility with dynamite.

"There were no injuries and no gas in the terminal," a security source said.

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This marked the sixth attack on the pipeline, which supplies Israel and Jordan, in 2011, Middle East Newsline reported. The pipeline has been shut down since an attack on a distribution station of the pipeline on July 12.

The sources said the Bedouins were also targeting police and security facilities in Sinai. In El Arish, six people, including an officer with the rank of captain, were killed in a battle between Bedouins and security forces on July 29. At least people, three of them Palestinians, were reported arrested.

The sources said Bedouins were seeking to join Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations throughout Egypt. In El Arish, around 150 Bedouins carried black flags that read "There is no God but God" and fired thousands of rounds of ammunition as well as 15 RPGs toward a police station.

Egyptian security forces were also trying to stop the flow of Sudanese migrants through Sinai to Israel. On July 29, Egyptian Border Guard officers fired at a group of infiltrators and several bullets struck the vehicle of an Israel Army battalion commander. No injuries were reported.

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