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Monday, May 2, 2011     GET REAL

Egypt issues threats against Israel in advance
of Hamas-Fatah agreement

CAIRO — Egypt has launched a campaign of threats against Israel after the Arab state's efforts to achieve a reconciliation accord between Fatah and Hamas.


Leading Egyptians have warned Israel not to torpedo the Hamas reconciliation agreement, scheduled for signing in Cairo on May 3. They said Israel must end restrictions on both the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority.

"The Israeli government must show restraint when it discusses peace talks," Egyptian Chief of Staff Gen. Sami Annan said. "It must refrain from intervening in internal matters of Palestine."

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Later, Egyptian sources said the Annan statement, which appeared on his Facebook page, was a forgery. The government has remained silent after the statement.

Officials said Egypt has agreed to end the siege on the Gaza Strip, imposed in 2007 when Hamas toppled the PA. They said the Interior Ministry would open the Rafah border crossing on a permanent basis in early May in an effort to ensure coordination between Hamas and Egypt.

"Egyptian national security and Palestinian security are one," Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Al Arabi said.

Egyptian leaders also warned Israel against attacks on Hamas and Palestinian militias in the Gaza Strip. They said Egypt would be much more vigilant in responding to Israeli air strikes, conducted in retaliation for Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks.

"The threat against the Palestinian government has enraged Arab nations, which may augur disastrous results," Egyptian Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi, who also heads the Higher Military Council, said.

The reconciliation efforts by Egypt's military regime was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood, an ally of Hamas, has called on Cairo to focus on helping the Palestinians while cutting off natural gas supplies to Israel.

"We urge them [Fatah and Hamas] not to listen to Zionist threats that reject this deal, which reveals their hostile stance towards a Palestinian truce that will return rights to Palestinians," Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie said.


Thank God someone is helping Gaza's people

Pancho R      6:00 a.m. / Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Egypt is playing with fire. Israel beat their rear end 3 times before and will do it again if it needs to. They should be focusing on building an economy so their youth can have jobs instead of joining forces with Hamas. In case that they haven't listened to Hanyeh glorifying bin Laden, they should. Do they now want the West to assist them or destroy them. Part of being a democracy is the ability to make choices. The wrong choice might destroy them!

Noam piece      6:54 p.m. / Monday, May 2, 2011

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