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Wednesday, April 20, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Egyptian Army captures weapons shipment headed for Libya

CAIRO — Egypt has reported blocking the flow of weapons to neighboring Libya.


The Egyptian Army said it captured a weapons shipment to Libya. The Army said three Egyptians were arrested in the smuggling attempt.

"The arrested were traveling in a car without license plates," the official Egyptian news agency, MENA, said on April 19.

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MENA, or Middle East News Agency, said the Egyptian Army captured two rockets, two bombs and four rocket-propelled grenades. The Army was also said to have seized four gun sights, three machine guns and ammunition.

The report came amid allegations that the Libyan rebels were acquiring large amount of weapons from Egypt. The Egyptian military regime had denied the arms smuggling and said it was operating to block the shipments.

The Egyptian news agency said the latest weapons shipment was stopped at the Saloum crossing between Egypt and Libya. MENA said the weapons were transported in one vehicle.

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