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Tuesday, March 29, 2011     GET REAL

Al Qaida cited in attack on Egypt's gas pipeline

CAIRO — Al Qaida is believed to have again targeted Egypt's natural gas pipeline to the Levant.


Officials said six masked gunmen attacked the Egyptian gas pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula and rigged the operations room with explosives on March 27. But they said the detonator failed and the facility was not damaged.

"There is no stoppage," Magdy Tawfiq, chief executive officer of the Egyptian Gas Co., said. "The armed forces in that site have been strengthened by new soldiers to secure the pipeline."

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This marked the second attack on the pipeline in as many months. In February, suspected Al Qaida-aligned gunmen stormed the facility, located 10 kilometers southwest of El Arish, and blew up the facility, which suspended the gas flow to Israel, Jordan and Syria for more than six weeks.

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