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Thursday, May 26, 2011

When slaves lose control of their minds to the state . . .

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the USSR in 1972. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here.

Recently I have read in Yahoo! ( the following note (dated 01-04-2009) by Matt Dillon, a philanthropist: “60 Minutes ran a story tonight about new brain scanning and mind reading technology. According to them — in the future, it may be possible for others (i.e.: the government) to read your mind without your knowledge/consent.”


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A technology called functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has led to significant advances in the ability to determine what someone is thinking by monitoring their brain activity. And it’s already happening!

This new technology, which is quite a scary thing, is apparently evolving, with some 80 percent of success, according to some commentaries, and that is something which calls for an ethical dilemma in itself. Technology always gives humans more power. But in a democracy, the use of such technology is an unacceptable violation of personal, mental privacy. The right to mental privacy is recognized and is protected by law.

That’s why ethical issues as to the violation of moral principles and values are growing in the 21st century. In a democracy, public opposition to any brazen violation of a person’s privacy stands against the escalation of this new, mind reading technology to unacceptable levels.

But what about the countries in which “the people” are slaves of one dictator, like Stalin in Russia, or like a group of dictators, Mao and PRC in China?

Mindreading technology if fully realized will provide a new tool in the hands of slave owners to exercise control over their slaves, as I call them. It will be easy enough for totalitarian governments to introduce this technology whenever they want, because the state can do whatever it wants within its unlimited totalitarian power.

This also means that in the hands of new Stalins or Maos and PRC, this mind reading technology is a new weapon, as is every method of enslavement, to make their slaves an absolutely obedient instrument of their absolute power.

In other words, the words “slave” and “slavery” will acquire a new meaning: “brain slaves” and “brain slavery.” The brains of the slaves will be open to manipulation by their owner: the slave state.

Slavery already has or will soon have mindreading instruments that will create a new kind of slavery, in which slaves think or will think the way their owners want them to think.

China has one billion more people than does the United States, and they can be used to create the biggest army in world history.

Mindreading instruments will make it possible for the slave owners to eradicate any undesirable thoughts from the minds of the slaves in their gigantic army. The result will be one gigantic global weapon of steel, humanly smart, but thoughtless, devoid of any critical ability or fear for the future.

That thoughtless programmed global giant of an army will not stop until it overcomes the resistance of the free-thinking countries.

The thoughtless giant might also use nuclear weapons if their effective salvos are programmed to anticipate and intercept enemy nukes.

The sad fact is that most new achievements of the free countries that can be used in the armed forces have and are being picked up by the owners of the slave countries. Achievements such as the mindreading technology are especially difficult for the slave states to pioneer, and therefore stealing this technology is of special value for the slave states.

Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany were not regarded as “slave states.” Yet that was what they were. In the 21st century, the existence of slave states is as possible, as it was possible millennia ago.

Yet today the military might is created by the modern technology developed by the geniuses in free countries, while the slave states are merely taking advantage of it through stealing this technology and absorbing it. The absorption of the mindreading technology by the slave states may lead to the brain enslavement of their slave warriors and hence to unprecedented military psychological purity and unanimity of their gigantic slave army.

The reaction of the free countries to the existing slave states has been egocentric. I seem to be the only person in the United States to have been tirelessly evoking the ghost of that one extra billion people in the “People’s Republic of China” who can be transformed into the biggest army in the world history.

In this column, I also stress the fatal consequences of the use by the owners of the slave countries of this new mindreading technology to make their biggest army in the world history mentally infinitely obedient to them.  

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at To learn more about and support his work at the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here. For information about making a tax-exempt donation to the non-profit Center, send e-mail to

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