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Sunday, August 14, 2011     GET REAL

Greece builds security moat on Turkish border
to stop influx of illegal migrants

ATHENS — Greece is constructing a moat along its border with Turkey.


Officials said Greece was digging a 120-kilometer moat along the northeastern border with Turkey. They said the 30-meter moat would stop the flow of illegal migrants as well as Turkish hostilities.

"In the era of an economic and moral decline in Greece, the huge defense project of the highest strategic importance will serve as a positive example of how the state sector can work quite differently, be exclusively productive and competitive and without sponging on the economy," the Greek daily Vima said.

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In a report on Aug. 4, Vima said the trench was being dug along the Evros River. The newspaper said the seven-meter deep moat could prevent an infantry attack from Turkey.

"But the main thing is that the project will radically change the unfavorable geographic situation of that important section of Greek territorial defense," Vima said.

Officials confirmed the Vima report. They said the project was meant to increase border security amid lack of cooperation by Turkey.

Greece also plans to erect a fence along a 12.5 kilometer section of its northeastern border with Turkey. Officials said the fence was meant to stop the flow of tens of thousands of Middle East and African migrants to the European Union state.

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