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Tuesday, August 9, 2011     GET REAL

N. Korea has 165,000 'terror troops' trained
to paralyze South's command structure

By Lee Jong-Heon, special from

North Korea’s military trains more than 165,000 troops tasked with launching various types of terror attacks on South Korea, including 110,000 special forces, according to a group of former North Korean soldiers who defected to Seoul.


North Korean special operations forces are said to number over 100,000.     
The terror troops also include 40,000 air and naval brigades, 10,000 charged with cyber terrorism, and 5,000 from the Reconnaissance General Bureau, the country’s premiere military intelligence organization, the NK (North Korea) People’s Liberation Front said in its report.

The North is believed to have additional 30,000 troops from the RGB and the Workers’ Party secretly trained to conduct hacking, assassinations and psychological warfare against the South, the group said. “The troops are trained for more than ten years to launch various types of terror attacks,” the defectors’ group said.

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“They are also committed to collect intelligence and stage psychological warfare so as to spark jitters among South Koreans and paralyze the country’s command structures,” it said.

The terror troops are mainly controlled by the RGB under the direct command of the country’s leader Kim Jong-Il and his son and leader-in-waiting Kim Jong-Un, the group said.

“The operation plans of the North Korean military are focused on electronic warfare, intelligence warfare and strike from all directions,” it said, calling for South Korea to step up guidance against the North’s cyber attacks and psychological campaign.

“Our group has members who had served at special troops in the North,” said Kim Sung-Min, former captain in the North’s People’s Army, who now leads the Liberation Front based in Seoul.

The group was formed in Seoul last year by about 200 defectors who served at the People’s Army. The group said it is keeping in touch with “a number of soldiers in the North who would join forces in toppling the Kim Jong-Il regime.”


Obama is that Columbia nuke disarmament peacenik. He handed over eastern Europe after looking the other way when Putin murdered the Polish Patriots, and has set his terror mobs loose on Muslims and inside America. Dear Leader Kim and Beloved Leader Obama are the same Marxist terror coin, implementing the same Mugabe, Odinga, Castro, Chavez thugocracy.

Lame Cherry      2:12 p.m. / Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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