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Monday, September 19, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Sudan said aiding in counter-insurgency efforts, but remains on terror list

WASHINGTON — The United States has kept Sudan on its list of terrorist sponsors despite findings that the Arab state was helping in counter-insurgency operations.


The State Department said Sudan has been cooperating against Al Qaida and countering insurgency operations that threatened U.S. interests. But the department kept Khartoum on the list of terrorist sponsors, a designation that began in 1993.

"During the past year, the government of Sudan worked actively to counter AQ [Al Qaida] operations that posed a potential threat to U.S. interests and personnel in Sudan," the department said in its annual report on terrorism. "Sudanese officials have indicated that they viewed continued cooperation with the United States as important and recognized the potential benefits of U.S. training and information-sharing."

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The report, released on Aug. 18, reviewed Sudan's CI efforts with the United States. The State Department said Khartoum was trying to restrict unidentified foreign insurgency movements, including recruitment for the war in Iraq.

"Nonetheless, elements of designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, including Al Qaida-inspired terrorists, remained in Sudan, as gaps remained in the Sudanese government's knowledge of and ability to identify and capture these individuals as well as prevent them from exploiting the territory for smuggling activities," the report said. "Some evidence suggested that individuals who actively participated in the Iraqi insurgency have returned to Sudan, and may be in a position to use their expertise to conduct attacks within Sudan or to pass on their knowledge."

The report said Hamas and Islamic Jihad — both deemed foreign terrorist organizations — were also allowed to maintain a presence in Sudan. Hamas was said to raise funds in Sudan while Jihad was operating in the country.

The State Department also reported Sudanese cooperation in a range of CI initiatives. The report cited Khartoum's efforts to meet international requirements in combating money laundering and insurgency financing, including legislation passed by parliament in 2010.

"Sudanese officials regularly discussed counter-terrorism issues with U.S. counterparts," the report said. "Sudan was generally responsive to the international community's concerns on terrorism and was generally supportive of international counterterrorism efforts."

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