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Monday, August 1, 2011     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Rights group warns of more atrocities by Sudan

WASHINGTON — The United Nations has been urged to immediately deploy troops to an embattled region of Sudan.


Human Rights Watch has warned that human rights abuses including atrocities were taking place in Sudan's South Kordofan. The New York-based group said the Sudanese Army has been bombing civilian targets in the border province's Nuba mountains.

"Tens of thousands of civilians in Southern Kordofan are in grave danger, and no one is on the ground to report on what is happening, much less do anything about it," HRW's Africa director Daniel Bekele said. "An international presence in Southern Kordofan is urgently needed to prevent further atrocities."

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Bekele issued the call on July 27 after the expiration of the UN peace-keeping mandate in Sudan. The mandate expired when southern Sudan formally seceded from the Khartoum regime, said to be active in South Kordofan, where fighting between Nuba militias and the northern army has been raging for nearly two months.

"The [UN] Security Council should send a strong message now that those responsible for these violations will be held accountable," Bekele said.

South Kordofan Gov. Ahmed Harun, himself wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court, acknowledged heavy fighting in his province. But Harun said the conflict was not an ethnic one, and that his government was cooperating with international agencies.

HRW disputed Harun's assertion. In a statement, the human rights group said Sudan was blocking road and air access to South Kordofan and that scores of civilians were being killed and more than 150,000 displaced by Khartoum's air strikes.

"In addition, its bombing campaign has destroyed or damaged airstrips, preventing humanitarian aid from reaching displaced people in the Nuba mountains," HRW said. "With no eyes and ears on the ground, the Sudanese government may believe it can continue this brutal campaign with total impunity."


It's a very true statement. The Sudan government is just waiting for pull out of UNO forces. The day UNO forces are out, the Sudan Army will play havoc with the innocent people. The war started this time will never end. I am afraid why UNSC is listening to the Sudan government and not extending the mandate of UNO forces already conversant and present on the ground. Every one here is of the opinion that now a bigger war will take place. You can expect more crimes fromt the criminal groups who are alrady wanted by the International Criminal Court.

Zahid Ali      7:58 p.m. / Monday, August 1, 2011

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