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Wednesday, August 24, 2011     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Iberian peninsula pipeline to pump Algerian gas to Morocco

CAIRO — Algeria has signed an agreement to supply Morocco with natural gas.


Officials said Algeria would export hundreds of millions of cubic meters of gas to neighboring Morocco. They said the Algerian gas would power electric generating plants in Ein Bani Mathar and Tahadart.

"The gas will flow through the Gazoduc Pedro Duran Farell pipeline linking Algeria's gas fields to the Iberian peninsula through Morocco," the Moroccan news agency MAP said.

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Officials said the agreement was signed on July 31 in Algiers by Morocco's state-owned National Electricity Utility and Algeria's state-owned energy monopoly Sonatrach.

They said Algeria would supply at least 640 million cubic meters of gas per year over the next decade.

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