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Friday, December 10, 2010     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

Iranian defector witnessed VIP treatment for visiting N. Korean nuke technicians

LONDON — An Iranian defector said he learned first-hand of Iranian-North Korean cooperation in strategic weapons programs.


Mohammed Heydari, a former Iranian diplomat, said he witnessed visits by North Korean delegations that helped Iran in nuclear and missile development.

"I was able to confirm that Iran has two goals — to develop the range of its ground-to-ground missiles and to obtain a nuclear weapon with the help of North Korea," Heydari, Iran's former consul in Norway, said.

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In a briefing in Paris on Dec. 7, Heydari said he tracked the arrival of North Korean technicians in Iran from 2002 and 2007, Middle East Newsline reported. He said the technical delegations, meant to enhance Iranian strategic weapons programs, were granted VIP treatment at Teheran International Airport.

"I saw them with my own eyes," Heydari, who defected in 2007, said. "They were treated in a very discreet manner in order to pass through without being seen."

Heydari said Iran, despite repeated denials, was intent on assembling a nuclear weapon. In a briefing at the Center of Political and Foreign Affairs, Heydari said he was informed of Iran's plans by members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, responsible for Teheran's missile and nuclear programs.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was identified as the leading advocate of a nuclear weapons arsenal. Heydari said Ahmadinejad was pressing for nuclear weapons as part of Iran's agenda for global influence.

"According to our information, this inner circle believes that with only two bombs they can ensure the survival of the country and of Islam," Heydari said.

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