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Thursday, September 9, 2010

China, unlike the more philosophical USSR, is preparing for World War

Lev Navrozov emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1972. His columns are today read in both English and Russian. To learn more about Mr. Navrozov's work with the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, click here.

One of the origins of human society can be traced to slavery. Yes, it is the physical ability of one part of society to order another part of it to “do what the rulers want to be done.”


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Only a language can explain well to another human being what he or she is expected to do. Slavery thus originated at a certain level of mental development: that of conversation in a mutually understood human tongue.

This level of human development made it possible for humans to wage wars instead of pursuing and killing animals. Gradually, there originated fortresses and fortifications as well as combat vehicles, including ships and aircraft. But slavery could perfectly combine with technological or strategic achievements.

Hitler’s Germany, which attacked Russia, was a slave state, as was Stalin’s Russia, though the word “slave” had ceased to be used officially whether applied to “our heroic troops” or to “our despised enemy.”

The existence of a slave state such as Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s Russia, and Hitler’s defeat in Russia, could account for the fact that Stalin’s Russia had more military slaves than Hitler’s Germany.

We are now approaching the period when the People’s Republic of China will possess more military slaves than any other country or any alliance of countries acting as a single force.

Indeed, the People’s Republic of China will be able to induct the military slaves of the countries it will conquer into their invasion army.

Let us recall that Stalin’s Russia and thus the Russian army, consisted of different nations, some of which had nothing to do with the Russians. Yet Stalin’s army routed Hitler’s invaders.

So too the foreign military slaves in the People’s Republic of China will fight even better than those Soviet troops whose nationalities had nothing to do with the Russians (or with Stalin, who was a Georgian, not a Russian).

In other words, in the war of the People’s Republic of China for its world domination, we may see military slaves of conquered nations which will have nothing to do with the People’s Republic of China, yet who would be forced to fight on China’s side as its loyal military slaves.

We are possibly on the verge of a real world war, that is global war; and fighting on the side of the world conqueror, China, will be nations as different as were Soviet nations under the Georgian Stalin.

It has to be admitted that though the People’s Republic of China officially originated in 1949, practically nothing alarming was heard about it in the West till the end of the 20th century. It simply was one of the countries becoming known in the world. All the more reason for the world to wake up to the globally dangerous reality now.

But was the globalism of the People’s Republic of China an unexpected paradox? Mao was a disciple of Marx and Lenin. Certainly both of them were globalists! Said the Internationale, the Communist Party hymn:

    The two worlds are in the final fight!
    Our slogan: One Soviet World is right!

It has to be admitted that the rulers of the former Soviet Union were more philosophically minded rather than war minded, while the rulers of the People Republic of China behave more like world warriors rather than philosophers like Marx or Lenin or Stalin.

They are busy preparing the world takeover, not a glamorous picture of the paradise on earth for Western observers.

The Soviet rulers were philosophically convinced that the observance of the new Soviet Union, like the Moscow subway made out of marble, would lead to similar revolutions in all other countries.

The rulers of the People’s Republic of China are more experienced in the Western life to realize that the world war, not the tourist displays, will decide the destiny of the world.

This begs the question, Will the West understand what is going on in the world before it is too late?

The Western press and radio materials are concentrating on injustices inside the People’s Republic of China, as though the country has sworn on “socialism” and it is necessary to watch its performance.

On the other hand, no crucial documents of top world policy of the People’s Republic of China and its allies are known outside their top secret Cabinets.

The People’s Republic of China is not a democracy, where the crucial elements of its domestic policy become publicly known.

It is the murder of participants of the Tiananmen Square movement, who dared to suggest elections of some elements of the government, that attracted the public attention to the political nature of the People’s Republic of China.

Before those events, late in the 1989, the People’s Republic of China had been an unknown territory, though it was its dictator Mao who had given it this name in 1949, that is, 60 years ago.  

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